Need more places for paintings in the Taal's Horn Keep

It is obvious.
The possibility to decorate the Taal’s Horn Keep is a cool feature of the game. The Keep still has many walls where paintings can be displayed.
So let me turn my Kееp into an art gallery. And not just art - but Warhammer art! Is there something more important?

I hope some good changes are coming: A bit of remodeling - Part 1

Catrinne needs more space to store her works of art

True, me to!


Definitely. We have so many cool paintings and can only show a small fraction of it

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We also need more paintings that aren’t Chaos-based. Both Saltzpyre and Lohner would never approve of daemon portraits hanging everywhere.

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These are not just “portraits” of demons! This is the bizarre and inimitable artworks of John Blanche himself! :fire:

John Blanche is not just an artist, but in fact one of True Fathers the Warhammer! His art is the essence of Warhammer, no less! Without Blanche, there would be no Warhammer.

I decorated my Keep with HIS works only. But it is not yet possible to place all the available HIS pictures, this is the main reason why I need more space. And I need more of HIS art for the Collection too!

In fact: Fatshark has a Greatest Respect for John Blanche as a source of inspiration, so they just have to give that opportunity.

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I don’t have anything against John Blanche. He’s a great artist. On the contrary, lots of his works are non-Chaos-based and imo should be added to the Keep.

Oh. Okay, good. :herb:

Indeed, I would love to add everything as possible. For example, from the book "Blood on Reik" (as you know, drawings from there are used as graffiti on the map “The Pit”)

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