Collector's Edition, more wallpapers and art, possible digital art book

@Fatshark_Hedge and the rest of the team.

Would it be possible if you guys could include all of the loading screens artwork to the wallpaper set that we have in the collector’s edition (in further text CE)? There’s some really good ones which I’d like to have in my collection.
Also, have you thought about a digital art book? It would be perfect item for CE, but of course I’m ready to pay for it as well if you prefer it that way (although it would be fair if you just add it to the CE). I guess that you have a ton of concept art and material both from VT1 and VT2. All the things no matter how silly or small would be great. Assets, terrains, characters, enemies, weapons, even portrait frames… Those flags that we have in the keep, I’d really like to see some high-res concept art for those :smiley:
As I said many times before, I’m a Warhammer junkie and a collector of Concept Art, something like a digital art book would be like a wet dream for me (and I guess that others would appreciate it as well… not the wet dream, the book :laughing:)

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