Physical merchandise ideas

Some ideas, (some of which from differing sources)

VT2/Warhammer concept art book

  • book could on the outside be modeled on a grimoire
  • perhaps a book filled with concept art and some insights into the development of some of the content.
  • could be fun if the book was done in collaboration with other studios who work on Games Workshop’s IPs (i.e. maybe a couple chapters on VT2, a couple chapters on Total War Warhammer, a couple chapters on Chaosbane, etc. Basically showcasing the best of each game and some nifty insights while spreading out the work and creating more interest in the IP itself.)


  • Funko Pop figures of the VT2 heroes
  • Actual models from Games Workshop
  • some other method of creating a figure of different characters


  • loot rat
  • rat ogre
  • blightstormer/leech


  • prints and posters of popular concept art and some of the paintings that are collectible in game


  • T-shirts/sweaters with quotes from the characters (“Sigmar bless this ravaged body,” " We’re the bloody Ubersreik five! Or four," " I’m a bloody battering ram , that’s what I am!")
  • Or maybe with graphics of the characters, or memes that were inspired by the game

Pin collections

  • amongst other things, skaven symbols, characters, etc.

Would people be interested in stuff like this if it were offered? I’d probably buy some of it in a heartbeat. Anyway, I’ll attach a poll to this, vote for anything that you would be interested in in as I’ll set it to allow multiple options.

  • VT2/Warhammer concept art book
  • Figures
  • Plushies
  • Prints/posters
  • Clothing/apparel
  • Pin collections

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Oh, man, I’d buy a miniature for every Career in the Ubersreik 5, regardless of cost. I wanna paint those buggers and use them for D&D!

I’d also love to see the shirts/apparel… been wanting that since Vermintide 1, for sure. I think I’d buy anything involving Kruber and his ridiculous yelling, “Sigmar bless this ravaged body!”, anything having to do with “Lumberfoots”, the meme that @anon26183726 has as their user-icon… the list goes on.

And, oh man do I want some posters! A poster of the Uber-Doober 5, posters for each character representing their 3 Careers, etc.

I like pins, too… I don’t own a lot, but I’d grab a couple to set into my D&D backpack :smiley:


Damn, I’d love to see some Vermintide merch like this. :smiley: I’m actually really excited to get the socks I won, but I want moooore.


Funko Pop!!!

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