Ubersreik 5 minis

Fatshark, you’ve got great characters here, lovable flawed bastards who are more than deserving to be cast in plastic.

As someone who’s been around a long time, I’d love to paint them, put them on the shelf if I get the chance play them against a skaven player.

I have a good feeling with the return of the old world they’ed make perfect for a warhammer underworlds type box of 5 characters.
If it does well you can expand however you wish. But with the part these characters played in the old worlds revival of interest it would criminal to exclude them. I think there would be a genuine market for it too.

They’re your gems at the end of the day.

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That would be on GW’s hand and not FS

Won the art contest as wll I think.

depends, really.

FS certainly could make mini’s of the U5 if they have a merchandise agreement, with GW.
in my country for example a original character is, protected even if the setting is owned by another company/person, but since they obviously had to license the ip from GW in the first place they may have/had to forfeit their rights to these characters.

but it would only be natural to have GW cast the mini’s as they are in the buisness, and are the overall copyright holders of the setting, and fatshark is working with them anyway.