ART CONTEST! Win an Official Fatshark Hoodie and Rare ‘The Eternal Serpent’ Portrait Frame! (Vermintide 2)

The contest is now over! Thank you everyone! <3

Keep an eye out for future Community Contests here at the Fatshark Lounge :grin:

Check out the winning entries here:

Hey all!

It’s Community Contest time once again… LET’S GOOOO!!!

This time up for grabs are 9 Rare ‘The Eternal Serpent’ Portrait Frames! aaaaand 3 Official Fatshark Hoodies! gasp!


Get creative and arty for all things Vermintide 2!

To participate, we’re looking for your weirdest and wonderful Vermintide creations. Be it physical or digital drawings, paintings, props, costumes, models, papier-mâché? lego?! …literally anything can count if it’s Vermintide themed!

The prizes will be split into three categories, with 1 hoodie and 3 frames up for grabs in each.

  • Ubersreik Five

Anything focused around the Ubersreik Five heroes can be entered here. Fancy art, costumes… or perhaps show off your shrine to Bardin’s beard in the corner of your room? Now’s the time.

  • The End Times

Anything chaotic and on the darker side can win here. Maybe it’s time to start finally building that Skittergate in your garden? Create something that screams the end of all things and show it off!

  • Wait, what?!

We’re simply looking for something with a twist that can make you look twice.

The top 3 entries picked by us for each category will each win the Eternal Serpent Portrait Frame, and the 1st place picks in each category will each win an Official Fatshark Hoodie!

Cut-off for entries is 12pm CEST on Friday 10th of December, and winners will be announced in this post by the end of the same day.

The finer details PLEASE READ

  • To prove ownership, all submissions must be clearly watermarked with your Fatshark Forums username, or show your Fatshark Forums username clearly in the photo written on a piece of paper (or something similar)
  • Only creations that are Vermintide 2 themed are valid.
  • Please keep all submitted content SFW.
  • You can submit an entry to each category, but you can only win in one category!
  • Please enter only one image to each category (3 maximum)
  • Please enter original creations! We will be checking.

Notice to new members: Your post will have to be approved before it appears here, which may take up to 12 hours if posted during the night. Please be patient, it will be approved! :slight_smile:


Finally a contest where I can use any material! As a (crappy) non drawing non digital artist, that make me really happy! Thanks for organising this :smiley:



I would like to submit my steam profile artworks.
Which can be found here: Steam Community :: Colossus
The Minotaur for category “The End Times” and holy Sigmar for either “Ubersreik Five” or “Wait, what?!”.

Kind regards,



Here are my contributions, spent the entire day on them the moment I had learnt of the contest:

I hope you like them!


Never made any vermintide art so…

Ubersreik Five / End Times:
this is my Vermitide spin on the “Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan” painting.


Did what I fantasize saltzpyre’s career being, a reverse engineer’d globadier alchemist, all his Skaven knowledge coming into a likely heretical path of learning.

And I consider this a submission in Wait, what?! because that would be me if I saw Saltzpyre in this getup.


Make sure to watermark your artwork and choose a topic for it


Wait, what?!
Bardin’s Songbook finally released: My dreams are finally coming true


The game is a praline


[ I only join for entertainment and fun. I wish everyone else the
beautiful frame here, I’m only interested in the hoodie myself. :slight_smile: ]


Battle Worn Clanrat Shield with No-Fur Hide Trim [End Times]

Made entirely of wood with metal upholstery nails. The trim is soaked rawhide that is then stretched, cut to size, then tacked down.


Hi, long time fan of Warhammer Fantasy and Vermintide. I created the Great Vermintide project 2 years ago as a personal piece and my love for Fatshark in introducing such amazing characters in already excellent hack and slash action game. This is a tribute to the game and I look forward to Darktide as I will definitely be creating a diorama for those characters too.

This is my entry for the Ubersreik Five:


Combined the gifs into one so that it can be shown on this forum.

The End Times

Ubersreik Five / Wait, what?!


Kerillian Sketch drawing [Ubersreik Five]


Can I submit videos too?
Cause id like to submit this for the end times and wait what categories. I have images too, but the video punches it home a lot more.


@Thanquol can you please submit a watermarked image or a photo visibly containing your Forum Username - or if you can watermark your video that’d be super! :grin:

Also, to everyone, can I just say that the submissions so far are :fire: :fire: :fire:!! We’re impressed and loving everything we’re seeing - keep 'em coming! <3


I added a picture with my username, but if possible id rather use my video as official entry :slight_smile:

Hello, long-time V2 Player, first-time contest enterer.

This first Image I would like to submit under The End Times and is called a Night of Heresy. One of my Favorite maps (The Blightreaper) and my 2nd favorite Character Saltzpyre (Sienna Wins by a wildfire). I like to imagine that this is what Saltzpyre is thinking going into the Blightreaper map itself that there is nothing left here other than Heretics, Blasphemy, and failure and only he can bring a stop to the Blightreaper’s corruption.

This image here I would like to submit under the Wait, What?!. I call this one Look at Him. This is from a long time ago when my friend and I used to play more together and we found this dude just chilling to the max on top of the fence in Ussigen. Obviously, Nurgle couldn’t have given him all this power.

Side Note: I love these art contests! It is always a joy to see what everybody in the community is doing and their wonderful works! And I hope all of you in the community and at Fatshark continue to do well and thrive!


Hello there!
Here is my submission for “Wait, what?!” category (or twist is too obvious? I dunno). This is bruh moment when Blosphoros tried to convert Victor’s green hp into temp hp.



I would like to submit the following pieces to the contest.



Ubersreik 5. I made Saltzpyres prologue hat, though I don’t know the name. I made his bracers from both games. Steel ,leather,horn. The hat band is swappable, the hat is reversible. Now I just need it ingame!