COMMUNITY EMOTE CONTEST! Share Your Emote Screenshots for a Chance to Win!

To celebrate the introduction of the Emote Wheel in Vermintide 2, share your best screenshot using the new Emotes to be in with a chance of winning the awesome prizes below!

1st Prize:

  • Vermintide T-Shirt
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  • HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset

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  • Fatshark Hoodie
  • Fatshark Socks
  • Fatshark Frisbee

3rd Prize:

  • Vermintide T-Shirt
  • Fatshark Socks

How Do I Enter?

Share your best screenshot using the new Emotes in a reply to this post to be in with a chance of winning the awesome prizes above. There are no categories for this contest - we will look for creativity, humour, storytelling, originality, and so on!

  • The competition will run until 1pm CEST on Tuesday the 12th of April 2022, and winners will be announced in this post by the end of the same day
  • Only screenshots taken in Vermintide 2 are valid
  • Keep it SFW!
  • Please enter only one image
  • Please enter original screenshots! No borrowing existing images… we’ll be checking!

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When I saw the lean emote for Kruber I just knew I had to pair it up with an minotaur charging at me. Just look at Kruber how he holds the minotaur back with just his hand! Incredible strength! And this is why ze lady made him a grail knight!


btw, it was on cata dificulty, in next 3 sec Sigmar saved us. So Kruber as i said, have Faith.


Do you like this fireball olesya ?


Slayer’s Oath

“One last heroic effort? How can I say no?”




One more of Bugman’s please.


“Alone against all these Heretics? Hmm…they don´t stand a Chance!”


"Captain’s Entry, Day 190, 2524 IC

Although the current series of unfolding events occupies me, I must continue my research. The Norsca are human in nature, fervently corrupted by heretical belief. We are familiar in what creates a diseased savage, that being the Allure of Nurgle. However, our greatest threat (aside from the gods themselves) at hand are the Skaven. I will allocate my knowledge of what I know and what must be found in this entry

For so long the Empire denied any evidence of these foul creatures, thus no efforts for research ever came to fruition. Upon the arrival of the End Times our grounds collapsed and endless hordes of rat men came from every hole in the soil. This leads me to believe they have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years creating a world beneath our feet. This I speculated on during the initial invasion during identification of the factions they consist of and their various skills.

Barbaric in nature, their use of weaponry intrigues me. Engineering is one thing I hadn’t thought a mindless Skaven was capable of but greater minds must lie in their ranks. From creating unique sets of armor to chemical concoctions our worries should be concentrated not on their numbers but on what they’re truly capable of. Greater concerns arise in their use of magic. This we have yet to see aside from our encounter with Rasknitt.

What do we not know currently is what created the Skaven. Due to the non-existent history of the Skaven it has become a near impossible task to find what made them what they are and who led their societies before their more sophisticated systems we are more able to recognize. In lew of this, I’ve attempted an autopsy on a Clan Rat I recovered before fleeing Ubersreik. Upon examination, they’re comprised almost entirely of normal organs and features of the common street rat save for their size and bipedal abilities. Most baffling is the lack of any magics. No traces of use from the Winds of Magic were found, this was checked by Olysea who sensed no foul play. More than just physical examination is required, however this might prove difficult as any field study is sure to be interrupted by fleets of elite patrols.

As a note, the next time we find a Skaven Bell I shall have Goreksson retrieve a piece of it using his engineering expertise. Some thing about the Bell is more than just a signal of war and empowerment. Sigils engraved into each Bell lead me to believe the Skaven do worship a higher being. I only say this because I’ve heard mention of a “Great Horned One” after interrogation with a captured Storm Vermin before our infiltration into the nest of Skarrik Spinemanglr. Maybe this Horned Rat can lead me closer to an answer of origin. With that we may be able to cripple their numbers significantly, maybe even taking out entire clans. One can only hope.

For now, I must begin planning our journey to beseech the gods.

-Victor Saltzpyre, Witch Hunter Captain."


Harry has wares, if you have coin”


Encounter with Sir Burblespue

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The blood of my enemies… A perfect shade of red.



Saltz: Do you have the time to talk about Sigmar?
Kroobah: SHUT


Ah! Bardin! Wait… w-what are you doing here?! Let Kruber poo in peace for Sigmar’s sake!


“Well, Kiri! I only drank a glass of the Grail with the Lady of the Lake and that’s it. Why are you immediately offended?”


Stalwart Defender


Praise Sigmar


Kerillian and Kruber don’t seem very impressed with Salts taking the time to gloat about his god in the middle of a siege, and Bardin seems to be off doing all the work, or maybe he’s taking the picture