ART CONTEST! Win an Official Fatshark Hoodie and Rare ‘The Eternal Serpent’ Portrait Frame! (Vermintide 2)

A “Wait, what?!” creation.

A Quiet Drink. Probably what happened ^^


Here is my submission for the contest. I remade one weapon from each of the Ubersreik Five to be more realistic and am submitting them as a set. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get a watermark in the actual model when I upload it to sketchfab, but hopefully it being uploaded by my account is enough.

Vermintide 2 Art Contest Submissions by Ged Merrilin on Sketchfab


Here’s my submission for “The End Times” / “Ubersreik Five”

Bounty hunter Saltzpyre making his righteous last stand against the horde of heretics, abominations, and affronts to Sigmar.


Ah! A fellow 3D artist! The pommel and guard details on these are really something, to me they seem like they are made in a CAD application. Care to share your tools and workflows?

First time painting skaven, I took the time to paint with a unique base I hadn’t done till now, thanks.


Entries closed! :raised_hands:

Holy Sigmar we are absolutely blown away by all of your submissions!

We’ll begin going through them all, and the winners will be announced here by the end of the day.


To everyone who participated… THANK YOU!

The passion for Vermintide is clear in all of your utterly INCREDIBLE creations.

From everyone here at Fatshark YOU. ARE. THE. BEST! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Picking our winners has been very, very tough. However…please join us in congratulating them below!

:drum: begins drum roll…

Ubersreik Five

:2nd_place_medal: The two runners up for ‘Ubersreik Five’, both winning the Eternal Serpent Portrait frame are:

:trophy: First place for ‘Ubersreik 5’, winning the Eternal Serpent portrait frame AND an Official Fatshark hoodie is…

The End Times

:2nd_place_medal: The two runners up for ‘The End Times’ both winning the Eternal Serpent Portrait Frame are:

:trophy: First place for ‘The End Times’, winning the Eternal Serpent Portrait Frame AND an Official Fatshark hoodie is…

Wait, what?!

:2nd_place_medal: The two runners up for ‘Wait, what?!’, both winning the Eternal Serpent Portrait Frame are:

:trophy: First place for ‘Wait, what?!’, winning the Eternal Serpent portrait frame AND an Official Fatshark hoodie is…


We will PM you shortly!

And another huge thank you once again to everyone who got involved :raised_hands:

As always, be sure to look out for future Community Contests here in the Fatshark Lounge :eyes:

Until next time! <3


Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the art contest and congrats to the winners.

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Congratulations to the winner. At the beginning I was thinking about taking part somehow. But seeing the high-level and high amount of good entries was awesome. I would never be able to do with my hands.

I really liked the broad interpretation and diverse entries for the contest.

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A lot of DIY works during this contest, happy to see it get the recognition it deserves

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I made them in Rhino 3d, a competitor to autocad, and then ported them to Blender for materials. This was my first real 3d modelling project and I didn’t have time to learn how to do textures properly unfortunately…


Congrats to all the winners!! If I see you in game with the beautiful serpent frame I’ll make sure to say hello :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s so nice to see such diversity in art and craft around the Vermintide lore, people can be so passionate and creative, hope to have the occassion to see more of galleries like this!


Wow yay runners up! I was surprised that I won the entries are so amazing and talented. Hope to see you guys in game as the new Warrior Priest class just dropped, PRAISE SIGMAR!

I would like to share more photos and a 360 video of the Vermintide diorama that I made.




I’m really loving this.

:heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks a lot! I will be wearing that frame with pride ^^ and congrats to all participants, all the work posted was amazing!

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Hey I’m curious did you happen to get your frame yet and how was it added to your inventory did it just show up in your frames tab? I haven’t seem to gotten mine yet.

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Yes! you can find it in your inventory ^^ if that doesn’t work, you should send a message to the working team of fatshark