ART CONTEST! Win an Official Fatshark Hoodie and Rare ‘The Eternal Serpent’ Portrait Frame! (Vermintide 2)

Category: U5
This one goes out to all my zealot mains


Ubersreik Five

I’d wanted to draw something of Vermintide for a long time and couldn’t miss the chance to paint a Kerillian Handmaiden, one of my Main classes in the game.
Hope you like it!


Wait, what?!


For Ubersreik Five: A picture of Markus and Sienna:
0 - Vermintide derpalerp


Ubersreik Five Category

“Hiding from the raging horde”

The End Times Category

“Leaving Ussingen for the continuation of slaughter”

In the beginning i wanted to put both of these pictures in “The End Times” category for completeness of the scene , but there is a rule: “# Please enter only one image to each category (3 maximum)”.
It turned out 2 pictures with different meanings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Made with “Photomode” mod in game.


Hi! My entry to the Art Contest!
Sadly i did not have the time to finish it as life got in the way:( it still needs to be colored and shaded. Nevertheless I am quite proud and encourage zooming in the see the details. Safe to say that Tzeentch had his hands in the “situation” the Ubersreik five (or four, doesn’t matter) find themselves in. Or was it Untersreik?..


Category: Wait, What!?

I have finally completed my submission which is a pixel art piece in the style of 1990s era arcade fighting games. I’ve added the character Pusfume as a nod to Janfon1 and their incredible fan project they developed for this character.

Thank you to Fatshark for hosting this event and its honestly great to see a variety of incredible works people have submitted!


The Flames of Aqshy

Catagory: Ubersreik Five



couldn’t finish my original plan but wanted to participate for fun anyway so I finished something quick to sneak in on the last day, hope the post gets approved at least !

morrslieb appears bigger tonight :eyes:


Wait, what?


Here is my entry for the " Ubersreik Five " category!
I know we had almost 20 days to go but I noticed the art contest only 4 days ago >< Worked hard the last 48 hours and here is my entry for the contest!

I decided to make a fanart of Kerillian as her Sister of The Thorn class since it came out last! She is my favourite character from the game and thus the most played on my side, hope you like it!

(My signature is at the bottom right, it is the signature I use on all my artworks, if you need further informations to prove its mine I also post artworks on my social medias)


I’m A young Artist and I really like Vermintide and I made these drawings

This one for Wait,What
And this one for Ubersreik FIve


Hot sure if this the best way to apply, but here are mine for the Ubersreik 5 and the Wait, What? categories

First for Ubersreik 5

Here are my own personal Ubercats 5 ( or 4, doesn’t matter) rat slayers dressing their best as the character which best represents them.

And for Wait What? I figured I’d share my entirely beard/shrine free corner of the room painting station. Nothing out of the ordinary 'rough here, move along. Just a totally normal completely shrineless painting space in the corner… Just a totally normal completely shrineless painting space in the corner… Just a totally normal completely shrineless painting space in the corner... - Album on Imgur

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A “Wait, what?!” creation.

A Quiet Drink. Probably what happened ^^


Here is my submission for the contest. I remade one weapon from each of the Ubersreik Five to be more realistic and am submitting them as a set. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get a watermark in the actual model when I upload it to sketchfab, but hopefully it being uploaded by my account is enough.

Vermintide 2 Art Contest Submissions by Ged Merrilin on Sketchfab


Here’s my submission for “The End Times” / “Ubersreik Five”

Bounty hunter Saltzpyre making his righteous last stand against the horde of heretics, abominations, and affronts to Sigmar.


Ah! A fellow 3D artist! The pommel and guard details on these are really something, to me they seem like they are made in a CAD application. Care to share your tools and workflows?

First time painting skaven, I took the time to paint with a unique base I hadn’t done till now, thanks.


Entries closed! :raised_hands:

Holy Sigmar we are absolutely blown away by all of your submissions!

We’ll begin going through them all, and the winners will be announced here by the end of the day.