Looking for Eternal Serpent Portrait code (WarhammerFest)


I live on the other side of the world, and such events as WarhammerFest that I’d love to attend to, sadly would never come to anywhere near my residence. I also have work commitments therefore unable to travel.

I just noticed that there was a caption contest for 10 of these frames, however I was 5 hours too late to participate, as it was over by the time I came back from work.

In short

I would like to get one of these frames. I’m a dedicated fan of this franchise and would love to have this frame just to show my love and dedication to it.

If anyone has an extra unused code for the Eternal Serpent portrait laying around, message me and let us negotiate.
Charitable people who would be willing to give one away will be sincerely appreciated (Would rejuvenate my faith in man-things.)

Sorry about my English.

I highly doubt anyone has one XD prior to this contest, these frames were given out when you met up with Fatshark in real life, face to face.

They’re probably the rarest frame to see in game. I’ve actually seen the Dev shark teeth portraits more than the Serpent.


That’s true. Would love to visit FatShark one day and get such goodies.

I always pester them in their streams about VT2 official merch that I’d just order a whole bunch of for me and my brothers (we all play VT2 :smiley: ), but I know that it’s too much trouble as they might need to acquire licensing and whatnot.

As much as I have hope that one day, we’ll be able to listen to Bardin’s Songbook on our devices, I have hope for this endeavor.

Thank you for your reply.


Play with me instead of devs then =p

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Sure, add me. Steam link in my forum profile.

But… I … already have you… Like… for months now.



And so you are… Interesting.

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