ART CONTEST! Win an Official Fatshark Hoodie and Rare ‘The Eternal Serpent’ Portrait Frame! (Vermintide 2)

This entry is going to be pretty unique, but I’d still like to enter it under The End Times category

With this piece I wanted to create a mixture of foreboding dread and sorrow to really capture the feel of the end times, I hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:

The Vermintide Comes - Original Song by jtcLIVE
(Lyrics are in the description of the video)


So we can submit videos too? :smiley:

Absolutely! Though please include your Fatshark Forums username in the video, either with a watermark or in the video (perhaps an intro or end screen?)


[Wait, What?] We celebrated 3 years with my boyfriend and since we have spent a lot of time playing Vermintide, I decided to give him his own diorama of Taal’s Horn keep. It’s a 20x10 diorama made brick by brick, stick by stick and a lot of details with clay and wood. I tried to upload the video but the size was to big for the blog so here it is a photo and a link to the video.

Taal’s Horn keep diorama


I’m exactly the opposite. I don’t really care for the hoodie as much since i have plenty but that frame is so clean. If only i knew how to draw

This is my entry for Ubersreik five (or four - it doesn’t matter) category.
The idea behind it is that the skull upon Chaos Wastes portal always looks at you wherever you go. It should be a threatening thing for anybody else but not for Sienna - so she just smiles back.

Edit: OMG I made mistake in my own nickname - hope it still counts as mine :sweat_smile:.


  • The End Times

Beserker :3


End Times. Some Chaos gear I was inspired to make by playing Vermintide. Steel, leather, and horn. Helmets, pauldrons, gorget, arm sleeve, boots and face mask. Sword by Little John, r.i.p. Some gear’s unfinished, apologies for the picture composition.


Sienna Ascendant: Photography (and lots of photoshop) Ubersreik 5


  • Ubersreik Five

kerillian chibi sip style :3



Greyknight654 here. I am not a skillful artist, but I do enjoy simplicity in art. Therefore, I wanted to show for Ubersreik 5:

  • Ubersreik 5:

The story behind this, I wanted to make a color spectrum of the Ubersreik 5, but it diddn’t look as good as I wanted it to (I wanted purple left to red right), so while looking at the images in the middle of the process, I saw the binarized images actually looked quite decent, so I decided to compile them together for the Ubersreik 5.

The original images are based on screenshots of the base game Vermintide 2.

Next, Wait What?!

  • Wait, What?!

So about this one, I know there is a Skulltaker, Blood Gods champion, but long ago, during image proccessing I realized by saturating the image colors (randomly by accident) I found out it was possible to create different colored images of the same image. Anyway, Ideally I wanted from left to right, the images represent Skulltaker, but as Tzeetch’s champion, Slaanesh’s champion, Nurgle’s Champion, and Khorne’s champion.

The original image is based on a screenshot of the painting in the keep from a Warhammer event I believe, the painting is called “Skulltaker, Blood Gods Champion”.

Thanks for allowing us to participate in this awesome contest ! It sure was fun making these images anyway :slight_smile:



Thank you for this awesome art contest :slight_smile:

Sadly I can’t take pictures with my camera about the Vermintide fantasy world but I can take pictures in the game.

Thanks to SkacikPL who created the Photomode mod which makes taking pictures in the game possible.


Vermintide 2 streamer with a berry themed channel. I was told zealots will put anything they find on their head…

Ubersreik Five:

  • Only creations that are Vermintide 2 themed are valid.

What if it’s a cross-over of Vt2 and another Warhammer setting in general?? (past / future of vt2)

An entry from my son Ben - for the ‘End Times’ category. He’s still developing his photography skills :slight_smile:


My entry for The End Times Category. My previous work was made specifically for this contest. This one was just a picture I did a while ago (I posted it recently at r/Vermintide). After seeing strong competition I decided it might help to improve my chances although my hopes are not very high.


Ubersreik Five

What an interesting book I found … Who knows what is written here?


U5 submission, forgot to add that in first post
all for fun, a little collage of kerillian and the comet :3


My entry is some simple hand drawing for the End Times Category :

Just a simple Blackfur
Im not good at drawing i know but maybe it nets me one of the frames, that would be nice


Im trying to publish my submission, but every time I try to upload a file it seems to just load infinitely. I’m uploading a single JPEG so I can’t imagine that the file size is the problem. Any ideas/solutions?

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