ART CONTEST! Win an Official Fatshark Hoodie and Rare ‘The Eternal Serpent’ Portrait Frame! (Vermintide 2)

Another Entry this time for the Ubersreik Five or Four ahh doesnt matter :

Victor as the Zealot with The Holy Pigmar on his head.
I found Pigmars look so funny as if hes seen something strange or terrible which wouldnt even be uncommon fighting all those Pactsworn mind you, so i didnt even try to change it ^^


I call mine
A Contemplation on the Current Contemporary Condition of an Urban Serf (in Black).
It is modern art, if you have missed it.


hope y’all like my art


At last my entry for the Wait What ?! category :

Made a Geode to look like the ones in the Chaos wastes but it also got the shape of the monster eggs from the Tzeentch curse.
And yes im as bad in editing photos as im in drawing, probably even worse at editing ^^

A giant THANK YOU @AlbyEins for giving me the idea with the geode.


I hope I did everything correctly and would like to submit this for Wait, what?. I did this in the workshop of my rehab facility. The sign from which I sawed out the symbol is made of aluminium and the base is made of steel.


The moment I heard Bubblespew I was taken aback by how great his voice acting is. Since then he has had a special place in my blbrlblrbl- heart

Anyway: here’s a sticker-style Halescourge! I definitely don’t see enough fan art of him! <3

Category End Times, probably?? Or the third one idk


Hello. Just made an account for this, what a charming idea.
My entry is for "Wait, What?!", evidently.
I wanted to invest more time into this but had none, unfortunately.
I have no regrets.


My little contribution to the art community of Vermintide.

Wait, what?! A flying Slayer in the tropics that fulfilled his oath?!
(I originally made this image for my mod Fly You Fools).


this is my passive aggressive entry to the Ubersreik Five category, i just want to subtly hint that we are still indeed waiting for that new Saltz career, so i poorly created concept art for a new career in case you didnt have any :slight_smile:


i did it on my phone a couple of months ago

Ubersreik Five

and for
Wait, what?!


By Grimnir those cheeks can crush armor and bone!


I made this from scratch for the What,wait?! category. If you played since launch, you’ve stood near this little guy, but now he’s disappeared for some reason. Having no info about him, I just called him Jack-the-Lantern, but I feel there’s a back story. I had no screenshot, so it’s 100% from memory, and hopefully accurate. Made of steel, fully functional, and casts creepy faces on the walls all around, it is heavy and sturdy enough to beat skaven with. FS, please, what’s his story?


Wait, what happened to the Inn?

The Red Moon Inn recreated in Minecraft using the Chisel & Bits mod and some custom texture work in Photoshop.


Behold! My entry for the U5 category! While I’m not the video type artist I figured animated format would show off the item best.

Yet another priceless token of the covenant between men and dwarfs, this indestructible meteoric iron hammer has outlasted each and every runesmith involved in it’s creation. The weapon hums with holy power, searing the souls of hit foes as it crushes armor and pulverizes bone.

Yet for all it’s impressive qualities, the warhammer has gone unused. An altar decoration centerpiece for one sigmarite temple deep in the gray mountains, it lies in wait for a worthy wielder.

Grab the weapon. Stem the vermintide.

In case you hadn’t yet figured it out, the item is a warhammer fashioned for the (speculated) Warrior Priest career of Saltzpyre. Originally my chips were on some type of morr-themed knight, but after doing some testing with scythe designs I just couldn’t get them to stick. Instead, I created this design of the next best thing for when you couldn’t get your grubby paws on the legendary Ghal Maraz. Even if the new career ends up being something else entirely, I reckon good ol’ Kruber is worthy of picking up this Enchanted Ratbasher of Untold Power.

Tools used in the making were Blender for models and animation, Substance Painter for the textures and Premiere Pro for stitching it all together. Even with EEVEE render engine it took six hours to render all the 1800 frames, as the scene is quite heavy with physics, particles and volumetrics. After three crashes I decided to render the video in six separate 300 frame batches. I started four days after the contest was announced (missed it completely lol), so all around it took a bit over a week from start to finish. No idea of the actual work hours though.

If you want to take a gander at the hammer in 3D view, check out my submission: - Sigmar's Crown


Phenomenal work, I like that you stuck to the Vermintide artstyle of yellow-greenish highlights and scratched metal. If you have a portfolio this had better be in it!

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Thanks a lot, it means a world to me! :blush: This is going to my online portfolio with the rest of my works once the art contest is done.


Hi, here are my entries:
Ubersreik Five:

I really like their in-game banter ^^

Wait, what?!:

Zealot Salty wearing pig onesie :smiley:

EDIT: Reuploaded because I forgot the signature in the image XD


I hope it reads “FOR PIGMAR” in the back?


This is my submission for all categories. I decided to make each of the Ubersreik 5 as lego minifigures since I didn’t see anyone else online who has done this so far.
Many of these characters use custom pieces that were either made by me from scratch or are sanded down/painted versions of existing pieces I had. This took me a while to do since each character is custom made and some pieces took longer than others (like Kruber’s mercenary hat which took a whole day).


For the Ubersreik Five category, Victor Saltzpyre in an outfit I designed for him! He’s hanging out in the Garden of Morr!

And for the End Times category, a style attempt featuring the slave rat that always kills me from behind when I think I have won.