About the collector's edition skins

I had hopes to be able to equip them on all characters but apparently they are only equippable on the first careers of the 5 characters :disappointed_relieved:, didn’t know where to ask this but is it intended or will we be able to equip our swag on all careers in the near future?

You got my support regardless, don’t listen to the steam forums’ haters downpour :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep on experimenting until you make this game the best it can be :muscle:


Probably intended, CE has never been and will never be worth the money, ever. Yes I bought it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought the first game’s collector’s as well but at least it had hats for the classes, I’d like to at least wear the skins on all career paths in this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The collector’s edition items were poorly communicated tbh, I was pretty bummed that the skins were only applicable for the first classes. They also said there would be keep decorations but the only thing I’ve seen is the statue of Sigmar (which is at least pretty dope). Maybe they will add more collector’s edition stuff later on?


While I agree that the sigmar statue is very cool, it should be somewhere near the middle of the keep and be a bit more… “Grand” for the kind of thing they worship so much?

It feels kind of hidden and mundane / not very epic… just my opinion though

It would be nice to apply the VT1 skins to the careers as well.

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Same here. I was somewhat disappointed about all the skins i can not ever use on my Pyromancer. :frowning:

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