Legacy Skin Pack?

Games said it’s unlocked but what is it and where can I find it.

Edit: Nevermind figured it out. It’s only for the original carreer, so for Kruber only the Mercenary.

Kinda weird that for Sienna it’s the Battle Mage, when the continuation of her Ubersreik Path was supposedly the Pyromancer.

Yeah pretty crappy, same thing for the collector’s skins, I wouldn’t of wasted the money if I knew I wouldn’t be able to play the class I want to with it…


Agree with this. The classic skins being for the original hero is fine.

Collectors edition ones should apply to all subclasses.

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Really? Glad I saved the 15 bucks then.

Thanks for confirming this… I am still in two minds about grabbing CE simply to support the devs.

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