CE heroic deed? What is it?


I got myself yetserday the CE upgrade which says you get one heroic deed with it. Does anyone one if it’s in yet? I only have 3 green ones (recruit level) but I doubt that they are that deed mentioned



Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. Got a refund from Steam, as locking the skin behind subclasses and not mentioning that on the storepage. Same with the keep decorations (where are they?). And that exclusive deed was most likely bugged on my side as it wasn’t listed in the deeds.

Fatshark, you should either make a proper store page about the CE WHAT you actually get and what is behind it - or at least make a documentation here on the forum.

I love the game, but the lack of information is really a bummer.


Unless I’m confusing these with something else, they are challenges you activate before a specific mission (see the deed description). It makes the mission more difficult, but if you succeed you get an extra reward - from what I have seen so far it is one more reward chest.

I’d like for skins to be cross class as well, but as someone mentioned it seems to be lore driven and protected by Games Workshop. A huntsman for example does not wear plate armor, hence no VT1 or CE Kruber skin for Huntsman. But in time I hope they add cool skins for each and every sub class. Even payed for ones as long as they actually put some effort into them unlike most games that just do a bad recoloring like the CE skin we got. Boo!

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