Surprise deeds?

Me and a couple of friends just received several recruit deeds when starting the game. Anyone else had this?

@Fatshark_Hedge is this your doing? :wink:

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Did you recently buy the collector’s edition? I think that might have included some deeds, IIRC.

Had the CE since launch.

I think we changed some dlc entitlement scripts today to solve a few issues surrounding shilling bags, skins from V1 and similar issues that arise with Lohners Emporium.

Might be from that. I’ll try to convince Tom to let everyone keep them who doesn’t use them up :slight_smile:


Are there plans on changing smth. with the deed system aswell? Since it’s not possible to “upgrade” deeds or change maps anymore via the “hit M while voting workaround” the “low tier”-deeds (recruit/veteran/champion) are just worthless placeholders. Isn’t it possible to just remove the difficulty level from deeds, so they are just mutators you can use for any difficulty level and open them up for Quickplay? I mean, atm all those “restrictions” (even if that above mentioned method was just a bug) doesn’t make the game more fun… if anything it’s just tiring.

Regarding the V1 skins you mentioned, can we expect them to be split in hat and armor aswell someday? And will our Arrogance Lost skins be available too?

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We’d like to revisit deeds for sure, but that wont be in the short term if I am being honest.

I doubt we’ll see the V1 skins split, they’re complete skins and we’ve no plans to split them in to seperate pieces at this time.

Can’t say for sure about the Arrogance Lost recolours though. I don’t know how much work it was to bring the original ones in to V2, but I can ask of course :slight_smile:


Thx alot for the quick and honest answer :crossed_fingers:

Kinda sad that I can never use Krubers Merc Armor with his “no hat”-hat so he looks like in the V1 Trailer but I think I got to live with that :sob:

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I support that question !

Same :slightly_frowning_face: He looks fantastic in that trailer (one of the best trailers ever made for anything by the way!).

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