Obtaining Cosmetics

Has anyone obtained cosmetics yet? If so, how did you get them?

I haven’t gotten any new ones but I was wondering why they made the collector’s edition skins only for the main class? That seems kind of dumb, I wouldn’t of bought them if I knew I wouldn’t be able to pick the class I want to play with it on…


I would assume it’s because the main classes were in V1, not the other classes.

The first career of every character are indeed the lore/story continuation of VT1 character, so they got the old skins

Both the Collectors edition Heraldry skin and the Classic skin only applies to the first subclass.

I was expecting the Collectors edition Heraldry skin to apply to all subclasses, not just the initial one.

How often am I going to play Ranger Bardin when I have Ironbreaker and Slayer? Most likely never.

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I would not be surprised if they will introduce these as a DLC option…

I would.

Maybe we get them in the future through hero deeds

We already have heroic deeds, I just want to know if they drop as rewards rather than the chests sometimes, or if they are some kind of low drop rate side reward.

I do believe they are low chance drop inside reward chest.

To be honest until the release I thought that the Cosmetics menu will show hundreds of available skins and clothes, armors etc. which can be purchased with real money. I am a bit disappointed but this is my personal problem. I can accept if these come from chests, but unfortunately I haven’t run into any of them. :confused:

Remember to watch Fatshark streams. They (while V1 last) was throwing keys for cosmetics. This is just one thing to remember=]

I bet there will be a “hi” chance for drooping cosmetic in Heroic Deeds reward chest on higher diff.

I was disappointed by this too. I was hoping at least each class would get a colector’s edition skin. sigh… At least it gave us the statue of Sigmar and the portrait frames too.

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I refuse to belive this until someone actually gets it as a drop through loot chests and posts screenshots or captured video of it here on forums.

So far I’ve gotten 1 deed out of several dozen lootboxes and my friend got 1 deed.

That was in 9 hours of gameplay… 2 deeds between the two of us.

Clothing seems to not even be in the game yet, which is really disappointing.

Why even have the cosmetic menu in the game if there isn’t going to be any customization available whatsoever? Might as well have left it out of the game entirely and just added it as it’s own DLC or part of another DLC later.

Now it’s just an annoying feature that is unused for everyone except those who got the collectors edition and bother playing the basic classes instead of the other 10 subclasses.

At least there’s TWITCH MODE!(sarcasm overload)

I have played for a good long while, at least 20 hours and have only had a single deed drop. Still haven’t seen a single person post a screen or even talk about getting a cosmetic drop. Pretty sure they are not in the game yet.

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I have 84 hours rn and havent had 1 deed drop let alone a cosmetic “drop”

Eh if you play Slayer stay out of Champ+ please lol.

They’re definitely in the game. Posted on the Subreddit, and I’m up over 100 hours as a lot of people are.

I have 107 hours and gotten 2 deeds on champ with bad loot and completed 3 legend runs with bad loot even tho one of the runs we got 3 tomes and 1 grim + random bonus… so close to that general vault and I am fully geared 600 hp was really hoping for a red or cosmetic :cry: