Cosmetics are a myth for Collector's Edition owners

I have 392 hours of playtime, >250 of which is in Legendary. I have around a dozen reds, some of them are “duplicates” (different variations of charms, two of Bardin’s flame thrower, etc.).

I have zero cosmetics. I am convinced this is because I purchased the Collector’s Edition during Beta and cosmetic drops are a 0 chance for me due to some sort of RNG bug. I am not sure how many hundred commendation chests I have opened (would have to go count my char levels, they’re all 30 (+xx)).

Please do prove me wrong Fat Shark! If it’s just unlucky RNG, so be it, but I’ve noticed a trend among the Legend players I play with that nobody has cosmetics if they also have the CE, those that do not have the CE have one or more cosmetics.


CE owner here as well and still not a single cosmetic in hundreds of chests.


I’m also at over 300 hours with the CE purchased and no cosmetic drops, though I assume its just because of abysmal luck.


I have the CE and I have 1 cosmetic in 200 hours.

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same CE here but i got my cosmetic in 250 hrs

CE 90 hours and I have the Ironbreaker and shade cosmetic. It is just luck.

Oooo, I’m jelly of that IB helmet, been wanting that one since V1.

CE, 220 hours, 1 cosmetic

Tbh, The drop rates are sh*t for everyone, wouldnt it make the game kinda Pay to “win” ?

“Buy our Collectors stuff to have an higher chance to get the rare stuff !” :thinking:

I think OP’s thinking was that there was a bug being caused by the CE that was preventing him from getting any, but no its just very low odds.

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Ah allright, than i misunderstood the OP but the droprates for Cosmetics are as i said kinda Sh*t for everyone :smiley:

EDIT : “Hats are acquired through General and Emperor Chests earned from Veteran, Champion, and Legend difficulties. Hats are tied to Careers.”

I dont think Commendation chests are falling into the catergory according to the wiki :smiley: If the Wiki entry is correct, so you would need to deduct these chests ^^

The relation between hours played and cosmetic drops in this thread breaks my heart.

I’m not sure if they were wise to introduce them at this point at all. There aren’t too many of them, and I’m beginning to think that is the reason why they made the chances of getting one so darn slim.

As a result there seems to be quite a bit of frustration over this. Instead they could have made a future patch/freeLC that contained a larger amount of cosmetics.

Holy Hatmar fellas

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Didnt they announced with the next big FreeLC we will get a kinda contract board, with missions to get Cosmetics ?

Sup Jaguar.

I can understand why the Cosmetic drop rates would be frustrating, given your play time. However, I have the CE and I do have one cosmetic, which is the piece of wood hat for the Zealot. It looks really stupid but I still wear it of course.

I think it’s just really bad RNG on your end, unfortunately.

The current RNG for both cosmetics and specific reds reminds me of really bad MMO skinner box practices.

414 hours, 90% legend only.

5 red trinkets, 1 red dwarf handgun 1 cosmetic unchained hat.

Really bad right now.

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I hate that there’s no easy way for us to actually determine if certain factors are affecting our drops. In a game this buggy, it’s impossible to not be paranoid that something is wrong. I strongly dislike how anxious the current loot system makes me feel.


I am sorry to disappoint you, but you’re not buged. You’re a victim of math. Let’s say u opened 300 chests. As we all know the chance to get a cosmetic item is 0.37%, which equals to 0.0037. So the chance to not get a cosmetics in a chest is 0.9963. The chance to not get cosmetics in 300 chests equals to 0.9963^300 which is 0.33. So after opening 300 chests there is a 33% chance of not getting any skins. And that is why I love current system of pure randomness.

btw you need to open 809 chests to have a 95% chance of getting at least one cosmetics. Not 100%, just a 95%, which mean that 5% of players are not gonna get any skins even after opening 800 chests.

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To note is that cosmetics should only drop from commendation chests.


There’s only 1 skin per character ( CE, 2 if you count VT1 skin, to my knowledge no new skins currently come from crates) and 1 hat per class right now… it’s just that they had to make these chances super rare per lack of content. I’m sure it’ll go up some when there is more to be had.

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