RNG frustration

Just another thread on this topic. 200 hours here and i finally got a cosmetic! Only have a red trinket so really wasn’t expecting one, which is why I opened ONE COMMENDATION CHEST on kerillian (last character to level) and i got the bloody handmaiden helmet.
Really been wanting a bardin or saltz cosmetic, i know i shouldn’t feel so salty since i at least got one, but its pretty hard not to.

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After 480 hours I’ve finally gotten my first two cosmetics. I was saving up 30-ish chests so far, waiting for the content patch to get more cosmetics…but then of course I needed green dust, so i started opening some chests.

I got the same bloody loki handmaiden helmet, but I also got a BH helmet which…isn’t terrible at least.


Are there any apart from the Shade mask (the only one I have) that aren’t either ugly as hell, look worse than the original headgear of the character or a poncy beret?

FK has a pretty nice helmet with metal face mask, but ofc you need to be staring into his face to notice it, since the rest of the helmet is incredibly similar to standard.

The BH one is pretty much same helmet as before, but with open face and eyepatch, and a white band around helmet.

Those and the Shade are the only three I know about that aren’t ouright ugly.


I think it’d be at least funny having the dual mohawk for slayer, the BH helmet sounds cool though.
Should be nice when 1.1 hits.

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I call it the Dwarven Mugatu


System is pretty unfair, I think, in game 1 it took me about 500 hrs to get all the reds and cosmetics, exept for 1 (red exe dlc sword). It seems that instead of adding more stuff for you to get, they made less, but next to impossible to obtain. I don’t understand why, they could just remove this feature with attitude like this, so poplve won’'t freak out.


I’ve managed to get 1 for Kruber and and I was screaming out of joy when I got it because I just love Skull-helms :heart_eyes: But that still doesn’t change the fact that I got only this 1 cosmetic during my 200 hours spent in this game Fatshark :rage:

First thing that comes to my mind is that they simply Haven’t had finished all the assets and items, more important, the whole game in general is unfinished.

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Christ I’d play footknight more if I got that.

Here’s BH’s “Purity Helm”


I find the way the mouth is drawn on it makes him look more surprised than scary. I def prefer the Black Guard and Death’s Head from VT1:

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Some very sexy hats there. In the the top right you can even see where they reused parts of an asset to create the hilariously innappropriate hat for HS.

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That’s actually awesome. This is the first cosmetic I’ve seen that actually makes me mad cosmetics are so stupid to get in VT2.

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I’d just like to add that there’s also a bunch of people around that save hundreds of commendation chests and then whine that they’re not getting cosmetics when those Are the chests you get cosmetics from ><.

That said the general droprates is far low, ESPECIALLY because you CANNOT focus them based on career. Getting X career helmet when you only play Y feels counter-intuitive and counter to what was promised the store info in terms of career relevancy.

Same goes for getting gear for another career that you can’t equip on your main career. All this while simpler things like applying a weapon skin to a weapon equipped by another career isn’t possible etc.


I’ve opened every single chest and have gotten 1 in just under 500 hours.
Which is especially ironic since one of the things they’re pitching for 1.1 is more cosmetics and that means jack all because nobody can get the damn things.

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I still haven’t seen one with similar playtime. I was in a group the other day where we had thousands of hours and thousands of opened commendations chest amongst us all and not one of us had gotten a single cosmetic.

So far I got the handmaiden helmet and the unchained hat in about 350 hours, only sitting on 9 Commendations now cause I’m giving up till 1.1 and praying they address droprates a little. I got lucky because initially I didn’t play or like unchained but now I only play UC. I don’t play handmaiden however only Ws/Shade >.<

Edit: both of these chests were not opened on those careers, some have duplicates for careers they don’t play.

I just save up my comm chests. I don’t like the current hats anyway tbh, and the drop chances are… ridiculous. My friend has 90 of them atm, so I’m very quite interested what will he get out of them once/if the cosmetic update comes out.

EDIT: I have only 1 red weapon, the rest of my red items are 4 charms lol… fun. Also, why the hell can you get duplicates of the same red weapon with the same red skin?

This is the only cosmetic I’ve got, skull mask for elf. At least it looks good tho lol.

Also, none of my red items glow. NONE. kek


No skins on them? So far I got a beamstaff and a boatload of trinkets

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