Cosmetics actually drop: A Collection

I haven’t seen any posts on cosmetic item drops yet and I just got this hat from a commendation chest.

They do drop! Just rarely. Good luck all!

Warmaids Barbute
Head Gear
“Horned helm worn at high ritual, and occasionally on the battlefield. Causes neck-ache.”


The same helmet is on Reddit. As far as people know this might be the only cosmetic aside from collectors ed. and VT1 owner ones.

I believe we’ve seen a helmet for every class but Battlemage or whatever Sienna’s first class is. I’m guessing there’s one for each currently in game.

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damn!!! no helmet that reveals her face!

Her eyes still are awkward.

She was wearing a light metal hemet in the closed beta (2nd and 3rd phases) as her starting hat, which was different (and cooler imo) than her current trio of torches. I assume that hat can be dropped.

lvl 14 HM… and he got the cosmetic -.- like seriously…
While im sitting here with my lvl 62 HM at 150h+ with hundreds of chests opened, and still no cosmetic or red…

To let you know, I have 162 hours played and 4 of the 5 characters maxed out.

I didnt question your time spent in the game, just pointed out that while i have that 150 hours on one char, one carrer… also opened every single comm and champ+ chests on her,you have a bit more playtime ( like i can make that difference disappear just today) but that playtime(and chests) is divided between 4,5 characters… And still rnjesus/ranald decides that you need to open a chest with a hat on a lvl 14 char, which you played for 8 hours max.

175hours with 2 30+30+ and rest 10+ and still no cosmetic, only 2 reds. :frowning:
Althought the helmet for handsmaiden looks really bad imo.

Seems so.Just got for huntsman from a comendation chest

Drop from Commendation chest. :slight_smile:

you got that Handmaiden helm to drop at level 14? lol I have here at lvl 30+10 and and opening all my commendation chest and still nothing

Here’s all the cosmetics in the game,aside from collectors edition and VT1 owner ones.

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The max level is 30. Even if your level is 30+100 you could still be bad at the game.

I dont know who mentioned skill at this thread, i think you might be the first, so gg at not understanding my point, along with others.

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First cosmetic (260 hours of game time) comendation chest.

Pure RNG for sure … but nice hat and looking foward to Ranalds smile upon me again.

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Loki helm baller AF!

Too bad they all look cartoony and shite tbfh :smiley:

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