Why do cosmetics only drop from commendation chests?

It would be awesome if we could get cosmetics from regular chests aswell!

Feels like you get punished for having every character at lvl 30 since leveling takes longer up there…


Do they actually drop at all? Considering my chars levels, i must’ve opened around 90 of those and never got one. Aren’t you talking about those exotic weapons with different looks? Because i could swear the cosmetic itens aren’t actually implemented (apart from those icons we see).

Head gear are implemented, their drop rate, as long as the red, seems bugged for some player it seems (or all, but then there are just really lucky ones)

The guy who reported the hero power problem to the devs also opened 3000 legend emperor chests and did not get a single cosmetic because they simply ONLY drop from commendation chests.

Friend got one from a champion chest recently, not even Emperor’s - lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I am actually level 110 Saltzpyre…

I have yet to get even ONE cosmetic from a Commendation Chest.

I get illusions for weapons… but never once got a cosmetic despite all that time playing.

EDIT: The irony is that I also have only 4 Red Items (not from Commendation Boxes from General and Emp Chests) but none of them are weapons.

340 or so commendation chests opened over 300 h, no hats. It would indeed be a god send if they were added to a loottable outside of commendation chests.

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Cosmetics like Reds don’t exist (yes i know they do but the drop rate is so bad they might as well not)

Same problem here. The first and only cosmetic i got after playing 224hrs was the handmaiden horned helmet and i got it from a commendation box.

Wait, so cosmestics are unlocked only for a specific sub-class? Then the odds of actually getting one for the subclass you want are astronomically low. Way to go, Fatshark.


A question: the cosmetic you (or your friends) got was for the character he was currently using? So in the off chance that i decide to spend twenty eight lifetimes opening boxes, i know if i have to open them with a particular class or not :joy:

It’ll be for the character you open the chest with, but not the class. You can get any of the classes cosmetic.

Part of me is glad that they drop from commendation chests - it is because I lack the skill to play legend and am only able to play champ with a good team. So at least commendation chests give me the chance of getting cosmetics

Oh yeah totally, I also like that commendation chests drop them, I just wish MORE then just commendation chests dropped them. Give Legend general and emp vaults the chance as well or something to reward the extra challenge a bit.

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