Why don't we put hats in other chests apart from commendations?

I’m playing Vermintide 2 since release and quickly raised all my characters to lvl 30, i geared 'em up soon afterwards. I have tons of red items already and more emperor vaults to open but that not applies to hats. From commendation chests i’ve got only 3 hats for Kruber subclasses i don’t play. And i don’t have a way to get more 'couse i have to complete 3 legendary maps to get level, so i’ve got hundredths of valuable vaults that practically useless for me and almost no chance to get what i want.


+1, there really needs to be a better way to get hats and other cosmetics.

I got four of them the day version 1.1 released, none before that and none after. The rng really sucks.

I have gotten cosmetics from boganhafen and other challenges, and I think that is a far superior method.

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Just give us a weekly, single quest. At least then people can unlock 1 hat a week if their luck is really bad. I understand there’s not that many cosmetics. But still… for people like @Flinlock who have been extremely unlucky, they can get something. And at 1 hat a week, it would still take 45 weeks to get all the commendation hats if you don’t get any from chests.


And the other real big problem… there isn’t a red helmet for kruber foot knight red armour

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Over 500h. 0 helmets for FK. I even leveled elf char i hate the most atleast to lvl 10 to get chests yesterday and not a single helm. NADAAAA

Also his 100mission helmet is fugly.

They’re working on a system that eliminates RNG for cosmetics (skins, hats and weapon illusions). I believe it was Hans who posted this on reddit around 2 months ago. My guess is that this rework will be in the next major patch, and it will allow players to work towards a specific cosmetic they want.

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