How am I supposed to get a certain helmet

I have only received 2 hats (exluding Bögenhafen cosmetics) during my 500 hours of play, which is pretty abysmal. It’s made worse by the fact that the game is filled with subpar cosmetics (such as lazy zealot tattoos or just other plain ugly helmets) so for many it’s nearly impossible to get the specific cosmetic they you want even if they played for 3000 hours.

Even weirder is the fact that the devs seem to be okay with throwing only certain cosmetics in your face during dlcs, basically guaranteeing that you get them, but practically locking out all the normal cosmetics for some reason.

If you insist that the droprates remain nearly nonexistent or that I should not be able to pay for cosmetics even if I wanted to, we need a cosmetic token achievement that at least guarantees you a free choice of one hat after you have completed a certain amount of games.

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I agree with you! Till now FS has “locked out” all of the “visual rewards” of the game behind low % of drop (i’m referring to red skin too). Atm there is no evidence that this situation will change in the near future altough in the latest build that added the red dust the devs said “there will be other way to get the skin you want in the future!”

I’m in your situation too: 450 hours played and only 2 hats for kerillian. That’s all.

AFAIK there’s a Hedge post indicating that they are looking into changing the system of gaining cosmetic drops to add more determinism (ie. you could work towards a set goal). So yes there is evidence.

I don’t know why they don’t make vault drop being able to drop cosmetics.

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