Hats don't drop anymore?

Back when the new hat drop rates were implemented, I remember getting 4 hats fairly quickly. I’ve racked up 400+ hours of gameplay since then, amassing 50+ red items, but not a single hat. I have almost every veteran item, every career skin, but I haven’t even seen 1/10th of the hats this game has to offer.


Well, my last 20+ legend runs (mostly general’s and empruh’s vaults) and all I got was 1 red duplicate axe and 1 red duplicate charm. The rest - pure trash. Drop rates of anything valuable seem to be worse than ever.
But I dropped a helmet recently (first since about 100 crates), which was the same as stock ranger’s helmet with a few tiny details changed. Awesome indeed.

The way to go seems to be the dlcs.
I don’t own them yet and haven’t been lucky to collect any new cosmetics for the last months but I regularly see bogenfagen cosmetics, they are pretty much guaranteed there, especially comparing to vanilla game.

Exactly the same for me… I had played maybe 250 hours with 0 cosmetics. Then the very day the 1.1 content update patch dropped, I got FOUR hats. Since then I’ve played about another 250 hours, not a single cosmetic drop.

Mighty fishy if you ask me.


I got all my elf hats with in a few hours back in the day, when the drop rates were apparently really bad. As hedge said, “RNG is a cruel mistress”. lol

I’ve actually only recently got the Bög DLC items for elf as I seemed to have to get all the other characters stuff first… Still hoping they will let the bög DLC quests constantly refresh as you finish them. A new player getting that DLC is going to be way behind now.


Hats still drop. Got a HM hat two nights ago. Eagles Crest or something.
Also got three reds in one Generals Vault same night.
Not missing too many reds at this point. Handful of res illusions missing.

And thats why this game is stupid, I don’t even have every red for my main hero and I have 600 hours played on almost exclusivity legend, finished all the Legend challenges, finished FoW on Legend, did a ton of deeds ect… and I still need some reds on Kruber, have very few cosmetics outside Kruber, my elf has like 1-2 good loadouts in full reds and maybe 1 cosmetic, but i’ve been opening boxes on (not kruber) for like the last 200 hours and just don’t get crap. My friend has like 50 more hours played than me and has every red weapon for almost every career and every cosmetic for 2 careers, plus a handful of others, just crap tier RNG

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It was around 800 hours in game before I finally got glaive for elf. Meanwhile I was sitting on 6+ of each range and seven 2 handed swords…

I wouldn’t mind a quest board or something to get weapons you want. You pick which weapon you want to move towards, then go do all the quests it gives you.


still never recieved a cosmetic from a commendation chest

I’ve gotten 2 hats in the last 2 months. One from a Bogenhafen chest and one from a commendation chest. I thought the hat drop rate was increased too. I have over 700 hours played.

Hats still drop, that said.

they dont drop nearly as often as they should
we are speaking about a purely cosmetic item
its only purpose is to let players select a style
they like, to enjoy the game a tiny bit more

with this in mind it is baffeling why Hats would be
hidden behind such a huge RNG-shield

I just open my commendation chests on elf, since I already have all her hats, it’s gives me a random one for other characters. For the other classes, I’ve managed to get at least 3 hats for each character.

I actually got a single hat since then, I think.
But yes, I got 4 or 5 sienna hats after the droprate change, and then a long time nothing.
Well, granted, I probably opened 30+ chests, but given the drop rate that still should have been less.

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