Near duplicate hat design for Veteran Ranger

I just recieved my first cosmetic after a little over 100 hours into the game, and I am ultimately very happy the drop rates have increased. Seeing it was for Veteran Ranger (my favourite career hands down), I was momentarily very excited, although it left me fairly dissapointed when it pretty much looks exactly like the standard helmet but with less details.

The new helmet (called Gnorlklad) is on the left, while the standard helmet is on the right.

The only thing that is different is that the eyebrow-looking things have been removed on Gnorlklad. I’m really hoping this is an oversight, because this would be severly dissapointing if intentional.

I’m fairly happy with the update overall. Okri’s challenges are absolutely great, and was exactly what this game needed. I’m just hoping small things like these can be ironed out, because it doesn’t take a lot to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

In the very least, I hope all the rangers out there can be spared from finding this hat.


Ouch, I’d seen pics of this, sorry you’re unlucky enough to get one.

Seems to be more a case of FS rushing whatever cosmetics they could into the game for 1.1. Really hope this hat gets updated or at least they start designing worthwhile cosmetics.


I think this was my first cosmetic after ~400 hours. Was not pleased.


I got a cosmetic for slayer, it was like pigtail braids in the mohawk fashion, later I got the exact same cosmetic but with a bone in his nose. This bs along with all the other nonsense is beginning to feel like fatshark is giving the community a little thing here and there while simultaneously spitting in our face.


If only the hat droprates werent so low, or be droppable from all chests, not just commendations. Then recieving an ugly hat (for you), or same looking hat - wont leave such a bad taste in your mouth.


I think the droprate seems perfectly fine the way it is right now. Seems like people tend to get one or two every 50-60 comm chests, which seems fair to me. They’re still rare enough to be special. If hats were to drop all the time from every chest, then I think the grind for them would lose its meaning. Sorta like how having christmas every day would be fun at first, but then kill what makes christmas so special.

As for solving the issue of a nearly identical cosmetics, the simple solution is to avoid implementing them. I’m betting this was just an unintentional overlook, so I’m not really that uptight about it, but I’d be really dissapointed if we don’t get a fix.

which is a great thing in my eyes, as then i could have fun wearing them and looking unique/cool while slaying enemies.

And no matter how happy you are when “Ranald throws you a bone”, it will subside after a short time anyway, but the actual customization choices you have on hand - is what matters in the long run.

I wont say the droprates need to be upped to the point of recieving a hat every third chest, i’m saying that current droprate (and the resulting aquiring rate) is abysmal - the 50 commendation chests required to recieve a hat - is 100-150 completed runs for a 30th level hero, and that’s a lot of hours, easily 50-75 hours of pure gameplay when you always win. To recieve what? A 1 hat out of ~50 available(just my estimation), how generous.

You need more than an hour to get one comm chest unless speedrunning, I’d say up to hour and a half cause of deaths, lobby waiting, crashes bugs and stuff. But let’s reduce that to one hour. So you need 50 hours to get 1 hat.

There is 15 careers total, so you need 15x50 = 750!!! hours to get 1!!! hat for each career. Minimum. And you think it’s fair?

Also don’t forget, that there is no bad luck protection still, so some people might need 2, 3, or even 4 or 5 times more than that to get their hats!

And that’s not it!!! People report, that you still don’t get hats for career you open them with, but rather for a character. So if you want a hat for particular career, you might need to get half a dozen hats for other careers before getting it!

And what if you want a particular hat? You might get it as your 1st drop, but you might also get it as your 9th drop - chances for this are the same.

So idk about you, but I don’t think, that’s fine system with fine droprates

And if you want hats to have some meaning, then I think the best would be to introduce deed-like challenges and make some hats only obtainable this way. This way players would need to show some skill to get them, they would be rare because not everyone could get them and that would indeed "provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment…"™

Right now with current system having a hat doesn’t feel like something special, imo. It only makes you feel lucky or exhausted if you wasn’t lucky and had to grind a thousand of hours just to get that one hat you wanted.


Happened to me after 1.1, can confirm this. Was on Unchained and got a hat for BW. Hat looks decent, and BW is not as bad as some think, but still it would be great if you were actually getting cosmetics(can stop this sentence on that tbh) on the career you want.

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Except most of them aren’t special… They’re virtually indistinguishable from one another and the vanilla hats. It’s fine for a few choice hats to be that rare but the “we changed a few pixels” hats should be common as hell.

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I love that hat.
FS was just like:
Well we added a ton of new cosmetics!
And my chest:

I hope thats a template. If not this “content” is seriously “10 worst kickstarter campaigns”-tier.

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