Please remove these hats

These hats are frankly a waste of space in the loot pool, and I was rather dissapointed to recieve them as “ultra rare” drops.

This hat is barely distinguishable from the default one, why bother adding it to the game?

Another 0 effort addition, this is shameful.

Edit: Duohawk removed


That’s what’s so awesome about it.


Hands off the double mohawk! Love that thing! =D


Double mohawk makes slayer look like a little oversized girl with pigtails.


We need more hats and a higher droprate.

It is unbelievable how few hats people have, the extreme cases are 600 hours and no hats.
Personally I wouldn’t mind hats dropping from regular chests and not just commedation, for I get so much garbage in them anyway.

Garbage, like… charms, necklaces, trinkets, when I have 8, 10 and 13 red I already have of each and pointless weapons under 300 power.


I’m one of a chosen few who got a hat prior to the 1.01 patch. I got my sunset bonnet for kruber with my THIRD champion emperor chest. I kid you not.

Please keep double Mohawk. I like the angry-grandpa slayer windmilling into a horde.

You must be mistaken, as hats drop exclusively from commendation chests.

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Sorry but you’re mistaken:

In this update, we’re adding a lot more hats to the Commendation Chests, for all heroes and careers. And we’re increasing the drop rates of all hats and Veteran items in Commendation Chests, and loot chests from Champion and Legend difficulties.

Re-read what you quoted. It doesn’t say they added cosmetics to regular loot chests, it says that cosmetics and red rates were raised for everything. I agree, the wording is confusing, but hats do not drop from non-commendation chests.

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flipl is correct.

Only commendation chests drop cosmetics.

It’s odd because Vermintide 1 rewarded hats as a potential high tier reward from Nightmare/Cataclysm, which would be like getting a hat from champ/legend chests. So many backwards decisions being made, I don’t understand it.


I dunno I read it as drop rates for cosmetics and reds are being increased for comm chests and champ generals and up.
Maybe a dev can chime in? Or is there an actual dev response somewhere saying cosmetics only from comm chests?