So... do new hats drop from commendation chests?


No, the only hats which drop from the commendation chests are those which have been dropping since the beginning of the game.

To my knowledge, every new hat will only be added to Lohner’s Emporium but not to the Commendation Chests.



It makes complete sense and caters to their promise that Loothoarders would not benefit from it. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t “waste” my hoarde of commendation chests with “cheap” hats still available if it would be more tactical to keep horading them, buy the cheap ones and then open my stash of CCs to get a chance to free new hats.

Just took the time to open them, hat drops were surprisingly common, and now I got all the ones that can drop from CCs :slight_smile: .

Chests are now versionned. So even if they added new hats to them. Your old chests wouldn’t contain them anyway.