Are there new cosmetics from commendation chests?

Hi guys?
I started the game from the beginning. I know every cosmetics from commendation chests, but today I saw a ,helmet" on a Zealot, iron before his eyes and above its head hold by a lock behind. Where is it from it wasnot in the commendations before and it isnot in Lohner emporium.
Now what?
Anyway if someone know the answer and there are new cosmetics hidden in commendation chests, then is there a list of them or something?

99 % sure it is the helmet they sold as charity event some weeks/months ago.

It was during the beginning of the pandemic. It has only been available during that time and is therefore completely exclusive. You have no chance to get it currently or probably ever.

Will probably come back with other charity events (as others games like brawlhalla and guild wars do). But will probably stay linked to charity events only (and therefore never on sale).

Great! I have almost 500 commendation but if they dont say it clear I wont open them …nah never mind. Ty for the answer