Question about the availability of Bardin's hats

I’m not sure this is a bug or not, so I’ll post here instead of the Bugs section.

Today, I dropped a Sienna hat while opening a commendation chest with Bardin (the two other drops were indeed Bardin’s weapons). I thought it was something that happened when you already had all a character’s hats.
But, checking in Lohner’s Emporium, there are still some hats that I’m missing :

My question is : are the hats shown in my screenshot unavailable in commendation chests ?

As some other users have posted before, it would really help if we get some kind of marker which hats are available in Commendation Chests and which are only in Lohner’s Emporium.

To make it short. Yes, most of the hats in Lohner’s Emporium are only available in Lohner’s Emporium. Basically, every hat introduced AFTER Lohner’s Emporium is only available through it.

To make it a bit clearer. Under the assumption you have not bought anything in LE you can gather exactly seven hats per career: one you start with, one from Bögenhafen Chests, one from playing 100 games Champion+, one from reaching a certain level on the character, three from commendation chests and one I forgot where it belongs to (so in any of the formerly mentioned categories). Anyway, I am pretty sure on the seven hats per career.


If you write “Hat” in guides search bar (on Steam), you can find two guides: one shows every hat in the game’s files, the other shows every pre-emporium hats and how gain them.

This, just this.

So guys, now, if I have every hat for that career… I find other careers’ hats? Because I remember, time ago, you could find duplicates.

you only get duplicates if you have all commendation hats for all careers