Lohner emporium is either broken or a disappointment

Don’t know whether my game is bugged or i was just expecting something else, but the emporium is a joke. We waited MONTHS for new cosmetics, and all we get is a dozen hats that you have to PAY real money to get, or just buy the hats that were ALREADY IN THE GAME since the start. Was i tripping on acid, or were we ment to get NEW free cosmetics? All im seeing in the emporium are the vanilla ones and the “premium” helmets…

Months, i repeat months went into this, and there are no new free cosmetics? Only the vanilla ones , and a handful of reskins? What a shitty joke


You are right, this is a bad joke.


There are a couple new ones you can get, some you can buy with real life cash to support free dlc’s. It’s also better than trying to get a 1% droprate cosmetic so that is positive. they will keep adding cosmetics so we should have a bit of patience, but i understand new hats are underwhelming, some new outfits aswell which is cool.


The droprate is 5% for cosmetics in Commendation Chests.

For OP: Not exactly sure what you mean with vanilla ones. If you mean those in the commendation chests than it is not accurate. Per Career you can find three hats in the chest and I think for all careers there is at least one hat in the Emporium which can not be gained any other way as using your Shillings.

Other than that, more hats will successively released since they have now proper means to give cosmetics out.

It’s useful for people that just started playing, but for people like me, amd the rest of the community that have sunk well over 1000 hours in this game and already have all the cosmetics they wanted from the base game the emporium is utterly useless. There is literally nothing in the emporium (other then the premium helmets) that I haven’t already seen in game.
And no, 2 reskins don’t count as new cosmetics.

I checked the kruber foot knight cosmetics tab, and I already own all of them expect the premium one and the other one that’s just a reskin of the helmet you get for reaching lvl 30.

The emporium was clearly an after thought, they clearly didn’t put any real effort into it, which would have been fine, if they hadn’t teased the arrival of “new cosmetics” since April of 2019. I don’t belive for a second that it took fat shark almost half a year to push out 15 new DLC hats.

The community has been asking for new hats and skins since very beginning, and with the announcement of the emporium it seemed as though they heard our complaints and where going to give us what we wanted. Fast foward a couple of years, the emporium is here, and there is nothing to show for it.


Yes like i said, we’ll have to see when and how much cosmetics they add on regular basis. the framework is there and LE is a good update.


Vermintide 2 is a framework, and look how long it took them to release 1 map. I’d be surprised If we see anything else in the next 6 months

But LE is a good update, weeklies, daily shillings. Not everyone has every hat yet, even players with 1k hours who didnt get lucky.

You can’t call it a bad or lazy update just because you have rolled the 5% and got every cosmetic already.

I’d rather they make a LE and add new cosmetics now, then they just added new cosmetics in commendation chests.

While we wait for new shilling cosmetics, we can work towards the outfits and some 900 shilling hats like whc for example.

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Let me clarify,even I don’t own all the cosmetics, nor do I care to get the ones that I don’t have. The problem is that they didn’t add anything new, we already seen these items before, and yeah, now they added a framework, but what’s the point with fatshark’s production rate? Me and many others wi be stuck with nothing for the next few months at least.

People that already own the dlcs got around 1500 free shillings, plus an extra 500 from playing the beta and current weeklies.

Meaning that I can already buy whatever I want from the store, making the “chase” for a new cosmetic completly absent.

Is he raging because of known info what they gonna do and they did? I’m at loss of words


Yeah man, costumers complains, especially loyal ones, read the posts and you’ll know why I’m frustrated

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If they didn’t remove the hats present in beta you should have one hat and two armour reskins per career except for the premium content. I haven’t checked live out yet but the stuff I listed was there during the beta (excluding premium content).

I mean… yeah?

Couple months here, a break to focus on WoM there, another break to deal with post-WoM and Season 1, another month to finalize it. :man_shrugging: seems normal?

The emporium is nothing but an excuse to, again, sell stuff to fanboys that was promised as part of the base game.
There are no cosmetics in this game. Different colors for the same armor, purple glow and ONE base helmet that gets different applications aren’t “cosmetics”.

The only unique cosmetics available (oh what a coincidence) are the one for four bucks a piece. After
Four bucks for a hat. After two years of “we will add new cosmetics” they come up with 15 hats that would costs more than the utterly broken base game that still isn’t functioning in any way because bugs and flawed design from the closed beta are still persistent till today.
But fanboys will buy them thats all that matters. After the disaster of WoM this is their great comeback.

Thats stuff other games have as mods. Which are cut from this game for a reason.
Also friendly reminder that V1 hat several unique cosmetics per class for free.


Well, they are “Free” (as in they cost gameplay time not real money). I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’m a bit dissapointed that they are all hats that have been in the game files for years but locked (you could get them on modded realm). However I imagine now that the store framework is in place they’ll be able to devote time to making new stuff from now on.

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Hats that were locked in the game, recoloured armors, pay helmets and no new weapon skins… the FS message is clear.


I was expecting 100s of new skins after the “beta” was over… :smiley:

I thought the beta was a small sample of what was to come.

The “new” hats are not new in most cases and the ones that are cost 4e (lol, maybe 0.5-1e), its an insult to anyone with an intellect.

The management in this company should all be fired, insanely badly managed.

But maybe in 3 years we have 3 new hats!

As you wont listen to what people want i will not sink any more time or money into this game, 1200h is more than enough GL HF :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs have a bunch of other cosmetics all waiting to cycle in when the current real money cosmetics get too close to a sale.

I don’t understand why they want to hold back cosmetics, this isn’t a mobile phone game, so why does LE function like a phone game store, by making things limited time and such. Also if the cosmetics aren’t new, what was the point of LE to begin with? Not to mention how FS was hyping the Emporium as this really cool NEW thing and then they just add pre-existing stuff to it.


Having held on with hope that the Emporium and season 2 might inject some life into the whole thing, I am also disappointed.

Firstly, why haven’t we got all of the hats we’ve seen since the launch trailer nearly 3 years ago? No Bardin eyepatch?

Secondly- and this is so obvious it’s painful that it isn’t in the game - why haven’t we got simple recolours of hats so that existing hats match your armour colour? Red and Black versions of Krubers helmets for FK for example? I’d pay shillings so my armour matched my helmet - not so hard is it?

Thirdly - Why haven’t the skins from VT1 that were available as DLC been made available here?

No new weapons? At all? No even blue glowy ones or some lavish weapon types?

I don’t know what FS are holding things back for. Keeping things back for the MASSIVE playerbase to work towards in the future? I mean come on. There’s going to be nobody left soon, so those people who will see the new cosmetics in the future are likely to be complete fanbois who have brought anything anyway.

The really bad news is that FS have blundered through the last year with ridiculous decisions that have even made people like me take a step back (1600+ hours in game, used to play 3-4 hours a day, now I get fed up after 2 matches…) so it’s a double edged sword. I’ve definitely had my money’s worth and had a load of fun between patches 1.2-1.6, but 2.0 demolished the game for me and it’s going to take something magnificent to recover it. I thought this patch might have been a step towards something great - but it’s just another half-cocked idea that has been kind-of launched and deflated the community… again.

So,… er… Thanks for the massive amounts of good times I’ve had, and I know I’m just another player who won’t be missed but if Lohners had launched properly instead of WoM and stayed building on 1.6… who knows. A glimpse of missed greatness.