Lohner's Emporium! Just dont understand!

For me Lohner emporium is another diasappointment. Sorry for writing this but thats the truth. We who played the beta got nothing new absolutelly nothing. No weapon illusions no new armors (even paid) no new helmets. I understand you dont want to make all available at the start but I am afraid there are absolutelly nothing more at all.

Non paid cosmetics are ok for a new player, especially witch hunter’s masked hat awesome I like it. there a lot of helmets reskins weapon illusions thats ok. But now me with 2200 hours got nothing I have already bought during the beta every likeable stuffs what I want.

PAID HELMETS! First its ok that there are paid stuffs for a game. Personally I planned to buy them to support the game. But when I saw them I dont know, I felt anger. There were so many possibilities games workshop for warhammer is limitless. But what we get half canon like executioner helmet for shade half ridiciolus like Unchained’s fire halo or glory. Who designed that ?! You made hair for Kerilian visible what is awesome and put a bark on her face looks like a creep doll. Ranger veteran’s helmet would be perfect …for Ironbreaker, ironbreakers helmet is :D. You made knights of the blazing sun helmet for Foot Knight I like it but why is it white, none of his armors are match with it. On huntsman’s helmet I cant recognise the head of the creature. And now The Zealot’s pig. Really ? I dont want to talk about that.
As a warhammer fan the next what did hurt the handmaiden’s helmet. That is from Age of Sigmar which is heresy in warhammer fantasy. High elves have a bunch of great looking helmets in the lore why did you choose from AoS. Here is the proof! Kerillian

We got new skins for WoM weapons, I have waited them for so long. I started to farming first the orange ones which are awesome in every type but then I saw the red ones. Those are just the basic ragged ones with some blue light really? Thats laziness, at least why didnot you use the orange ones for adding blue light to make red illusions???

There are cool helmets which you somehow added already to the game like these, but where are?
Kruber 2

To summarize. We got another thougthless, hastily, stuffs. with the paid cosmetics you tried to satisfy everything in one step, New cosmetics which are lore friendly funny and badass at the same time but it didnot work. In my oppinion you have to sort the paid dlc like. One helmet pack for every character which is lorefriendly. and a different helmet pack for funny like the pig( anyway thats absolutelly not funny but its my oppinion). I know Its hard to create something what everybody likes maybe impossible, but why did me and the others filled the survey during the beta. And now another 3 months waiting for new content but does it worth after all these? You mentioned the emporium will rotate but when in season 3? Now you are working on the drachenfells maps which will arrive during season 2. but then, when will you make season 3 stuffs.

I really really like this game and it hurts to see there are always promises and announcements and for me mostly disappointment. I’d support the team with buying content but with these paid stuffs I cant sorry.


You are a little late: Lohner emporium is either broken or a disappointment

But I understand your opinion.
I’m really not sure why there have been 0 Beta-Patches or communication at all, maybe just shared concept arts of new content to get any feedback pre release. All communication in Beta-phase was 1 week pre release (almost 5 weeks in)… and yet there are more bugs than in Beta, bugs that could’ve been avoided.

Regarding the “old hats” (I also thought they would come up with atleast some new ones after beta) I think they will add those later, since they wanna do (for whatever reason) a rotation system. It’s maybe just to keep people engaged and take a look from to time.

The paid helmets are ok-ish from my point of view, sure not everybody likes the same things and I’m personally pretty much on your side regarding the thoughts you listed. In my opinion the downside of the paid hats is (again) the fact that they do not fit the armor in any case and that even on a higher degree than before. To keep the example with the Executioner Helmet, well just take a look. Personally I’m pretty disappointed about the Scour-Sun Helm since it looks like ceramic or chitin or smth. just not like metal/gold and doesn’t even look that good on the brass armor. About the Unchained hat I don’t even wanna lose a word…

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Exactly the same question I asked myself after the release of WoM. Why did we write feedback and complete surveys if the opposite was done?


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I ignore AoS stuff, but from that picture I doubt that they had AoS in mind when creating the Windrunner’s helm. The inspiration could have come from anywhere.

Like the old Silver helm variant:

or Island of Blood Ellyrian Reaver variant

One thing that I really dislike about the Windrunner’s Helm is the… how do you call it? visor? just the holes for eyes. They are wayyyy too narrow for an Asur style helmet:

(excuse my crappy hasty photos)

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I agree, hard pass on AoS. It would be far too overly designed for the game.

Cosmetics will always be hit or miss. People’s tastes vary.

Some of em are definitely over the top and distracting though.