When V2 was announced and the cosmetics section
thats built into the character menu interface was shown off, I had high hopes and expectations for the cosmetic future of the game.

The result (years down the track) is still worse than I could have expected.

Hats are getting better but still are pretty limited, the main offender is the entirety of skins.

Never been a fan of recolours, I was hoping for actual model changes. They could have followed their hat logic and kept it subtle, an extra pauldron, commendation seal or barb of metal here, a nicer cut of clothing there. I’m still a bit disappointed with the current system, why have such a volumnous menu for like 6 skins lol

What does everyone else think?

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I too wish we had more options for cosmetics, especially in a universe like Warhammer that’s just ripe with options, but it is what it is

Some characters have it worse than others. For example, Kerillian is downright uncustomisable for me because of how none of her headgear for Waystaker and Handmaiden utilise her hood and hair, but are just these skin-tight balaclavas that make her look bald. Shade has it slightly better because there is some headgear that skill uses the hood.

Then you have Bardin’s Ranger Veteran, who undoubtedly has the most variety when it comes to headgear. Probably my favorite career when it comes to customisation options He has a good number of recolors too, so you can make almost any headgear fit.

We should be getting more Premium headgear soon and I believe Hedge has confirmed that they are currently working on actual model altering skins, so hopefully that’ll freshen customisation up a bit.

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With the new game in the owen for at least a year now - that’s when the huge dip in V2 support started after WoM release - I wouldn’t expect anything. If it releases in the same state as V2, then they will be stretched thin even more…

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