I feel like some of the character/career skins should be remade.

Kruber looks fine atleast on Merc, but Sienna Pyro, Elf WS & Shade look so dull just to name some. Pyro and WS look like they have been awake for past 72hours straight and have been using some stimms to keep going. Faces are so gaunt. Shade doesnt even have a face and from the clothing it looks like some cartoon villain instead of dark elf… Too much clothing and not showing those murderous eyes is meh. Slayer doesn’t look like a dwarf who has taken that famous Slayer Oath. Rippling with muscles like they do in GW art works…

Could also fix animations while doing some face lifting. I mean Slayer dual axe animation from spectator angle looks like he is slapping enemies rather than hacking them apart…

Block animations also something to work on…

These things need to be in line with what we see in fps and as spectators.

Good thing they just added a ton of cosmetics and armour-skins to earn then!

Agree on the block animations to be honest, seeing a slayer facepalm his axe instead of dual-block like he does in first person is a bit hilarious but also rather strange, it should be one or the other not both.

I’d prefer they continue to get the game in tidy bugfree and balanced/tuned shape before addressing these however as they pertain to fluff more than anything, but I do definitely agree some of these things could use some work.

Most notably Battle Wizard is now haunted by her own candles.

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