Vermintide 1 Skins

Just a simple request, could we get the OG skins to be character based and not class based? As in let us use the skins on any subclass. I literally made an account just to ask this as I really prefer the V1 skins over some of the subclass skins, yet can’t use them on all the classes I enjoy. I don’t see the harm/issue with such a small change.

Thanks for your time, hope this can be done.


Just no! Their starting careers are their vt1 classes. Since they changed their ways on the other careers they have different outfits. It wouldnt make sense any other way. Im pretty sure Games Workshop wouldnt approve of it.

And btw, they basically all look worse. Theyre just not on par with the quality and detail of the vt2 skins.

In case one of the artists ever finds time I would wish for them to get polished, and in case for Victors outfit to be fixed. I think you should not have released them in their current state.

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I find the Kerillian V1 skin to look much better than V2 one. Theres a lot of detail on it too.


Agree 100%


In the new skin she looks like a Elf. The old skin she might as well be human. But I understand why Elf mains like the old version more. It shows more female curves…

Why does she look more like an elf with the new one? Also I feel the old one makes her look more athletic rather than strictly feminine.

Most of the old skins sadly lack in detail, or maybe texture resolution.
It’s kinda weird that Sienna get’s the skin on her Battlemage career, when her old path was Pyromancer.
Some of the old skins had different hair colour.
Though, how come the old skins come complete with a change of headgear when headgear is a different slot?
Ah, back to topic - I don’t mind either way - but I believe that their visuals should reflect their subclass.

amusingly, Krubers VT 1 skin has less clipping problems with the left gauntlet than the VT II skin… check it… spin a repeater handgun :smiley:

yea! lovin it. i also like krubers outfit and salts one. for the dorf i like the ironbreaker skin, and sienna is unchained for me, altho i’m dying to get another helmet to replace that ghastly one.

yes please, dont mix gameplay and fashion, there is no reason for it to be career locked and these V1 skins look often much better …

(I was planning on doing this post myself)

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I think the more we can tell the careers apart by their silhouette/color scheme/model overall the better it is for gameplay. I don’t want to have to tab every time to check what class the other players were playing again.

i identify what classes they’re playing with the unit portrait

Most of the classes are very distinguishable from each other by their character model, so if the players are in my view I don’t need to check the portraits. I think FS has done a good job with it and allowing cross dressing (heh), would ruin it just for the sake of people getting to look fancy.

But you see whos plaing what by their portraits and you can hardly confuse Sienna for Kruber or Kerillian for Bardin on the battle field regardless of what theyre wearing.

Only Slayer Bardin jumps. If I see a ranger veteran I don’t expect him to jump.

But I mean yes, I could check the portraits, but on the other hand people could use the default skins. It’s entirely up to the person what they prefer: character customizability or visual clarity (in the sense that what you see is what you get). My 2 cents are on the visual clarity.

With the cosmetics tab new skins are bound to be added to the game anyway and I seriously doubt theyll be class specific.

I think at least one helmet has been confirmed to be exclusive to handmaiden.

But in case the rest of the skins are free for all (ie. ranger can wear epic slayer skin), then I agree that there is no point in restricting VT1 skins, since visual coherence will be thrown out of the window anyways.

Yes please, collector’s edition skins for all careers on user choice and not locked to base ones

Why does anyone think Sienna VT1 career is Pyromancer ?
If this been stated, mb, but Bardin saying : Again Pyromancer, again ! Doesn’t mean she actually is a Pyro. It’s just a name because she burn stuff. But her in FS presentation, Pyromancer career is her “light” path where she gets closer to Imperial College magic, more controlled.
Battle Wizard is her VT1 career

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