Vt1 Kerillian skin and vt2 skin

Why are the 2 versions so different : is one more lore friendly, why is she so smaller in vt2 etc… ? They are almost like 2 different character (if you only look at body shape and the face).

I couldn t find an answer on the internet so i ask you here.

Both are canonical appearances that Kerillian has had in-universe at one point or another. The outfits themselves, that is, the difference in body structure and physical appearance should be disregarded (though if you want to get technical, V2 Kerillian’s body structure should be taken as canonical since it’s the most recent implementation. RIP buff Kerillian 2015 - 2018).

They are supposed to showcase Kerillian’s development as a character through Vermintide’s storyline (because I guess changing outfits every now and then is considered character development? Idk, it happens in other media all the time).

Both are lore friendly to their respective games (I.E, V2 Kerillian looking like V1 Kerillian isn’t canonical, but V1 Kerillian looking like V1 Kerillian and V2 Kerillian looking like V2 Kerillian respectively, is).

V2 is some kind of pseudo-anime appeal.

V1 is just hot asf ngl.

Take my advice and throw V2 Kerillian straight in the garbage and use V1 Kerillian, lore be damned.


What about the Fur on her Legacy outfit… Looks so weird on V2 :frowning:

I personally like the early concept art for her. I think this was one,

And this was the final,


That early concept art looks neat, but I have to say I do like the white fur on the VT1 skin, it adds nice contrast. It’s also why I like the champion skin a lot in VT2 with its rust red and green colour scheme (if only the hood would match, sigh…)

As for the height thing, I’m having a harder time explaining that - it may be new body proportions, in VT2 Kerillian looks quite ‘long’/elven, kinda like how Total War portrays elves (Morathi is an easy example to compare with considering her… lack of concealing garments), they have pretty long upper legs especially (and midsections/arms and lower legs too to an extent) compared to humans.

I can’t comment on how tall Kerillian looks vs her surroundings in VT1, but in VT2 her old and new skins are basically the exact same height - go measure her up against a door in the keep or so. The only thing I can think of is that her VT1 skin has a lot more fluff about the shoulders due to the mass of furs, whereas her VT2 skin doesn’t have so much in the way of stuff on her shoulders and also she at least seems a bit more hunched over in stance in VT2.

A large part of the bulk of her VT1 skin in general seems to be how padded out her armour is, her VT2 clothes are much thinner and have less on them.

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She appears so thinner in vt2 that i though she was smaller. FS traded T I C Cness for skinnier legs and hips with leather-thigh pants.

What a mistake… why not just take the best out of both designs, ya know…

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Makes more sense for her to be skinny and short if you ask me. She is an elf after all. As Bardin described, a “skinny little waif”.

There’s nothing particularly interesting or unique about yet another female character in a video game with giant thighs and hips. It gets annoying after a while for that to be the only body type represented.

A really, really skinny character, though? That’s super neat, and it makes sense considering what she is.

I like both designs but I think I prefer the VT2 one. She looks more like a stealthy scout that lurks in foliage to hunt her prey. I made my cosplay headgear a sort of hybrid of both.

I’m also not sure she was ever “thicc” in the first place because as @Drakonhammer has said she wears bulkier clothing in the first game.

Elves are normally taller though in all fantasy. Skinny and tall. I think she’s a good size currently. And yea, we don’t need MMO female armour :joy: Bra and panties platemail.


I ll make sure to investigate all of this when i get the opportunity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Also for me the vt2 seems to appeal more to the “male fantasy” than the first version of her skin in vt1 (especialy because of the butt)… but that s a subject for another topic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Unless they add a dank elf character (inc. heavy metal hair) ofc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dunno, I don’t think that’s intentional. When I think of VT2 I think about slaying masses of heretics, not my fantasies and having people look pretty. The grime, mostly-pragmatic armour and all works better with the aesthetic of the game.

It also wouldn’t explain why BH Saltzpyre has got so. much. butt.

I wouldn’t be opposed to having more variety and/or a thicc character, but it’d have to be a new one, I think Kerillian’s current body type suits her well and the current 5 don’t seem like the types to spend hours trying to look pretty when the world needs saving, I mean look at Saltz. A vampire or a dark elf (that isn’t just Kerillian wearing a mask) might be so vain.

The devs discussed the changes to character designs in one stream or another. It’s been quite a while now (it was likely around the release, I think) so that stream is hard to find, but I remember that the the explanation for the changes was that while in the first game, they tried to represent the nature of the character more (in Kerillian’s case, she’s an elf which gives certain characteristics), while in VT2, they needed to emphasize the Career more (she’s not “an Elf” as much as she is “a Waystalker” now).

Hm, once again I feel I could’ve worded that better, but can’t think how…


She’s not actually that different in build, look at her knees in vermintide 1 and you can see she’s just wearing really bulky clothes,

Fortunately I doubt Fatshark will add any half-naked looking Druchii scums into their game.

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