Kerillian Armor Skin

Hi, I bought the Beta from MMOGA 3 Days before the Beta ends. Now I have seen some people with a cool Kerillian Armor Set with Fur on her Shoulders. I ask one (he was level 2 with Kerillian) how did he get the skin, he said he bought Vermintide 2 at the day when it was released.

So I ask my self now, why do I not have this Skin option? I looked in the wardrobe but I coul’t chose anything. Did I miss something? Or why did I have no Armor Skin?

  1. Are you using Kerillians waystalker career when looking for the skin

  2. If your answer to #1 was no then change careers and look again , if its still not there then its probably tied to the collector’s edition

Thx, I realy didn’t had the Collectors Edition. :smiley:

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The Kerillian armor skin with fur on the shoulders is tied to owning the first game, Vermintide 1.
It is not tied to having the collectors edition.


Thanks for clearing that up , my apologies for the incorrect information

Each character can equip their skin from the first game if you own it, but only on the class that corresponds to the first game; Merc Kruber, Ranger Bardin, Witch Hunter Saltzpyre, Waystalker Kerillian . . . not sure about Sienna.

It’s always the first career, so has to be Battle Wizard

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