Thanks for bringing V1 Kerillian back Fatshark

I was really miffed with the new model for Kerillian - a skinny, malnourished street urchin dressed in rags. However, with the V1 skins being back its all good. She can look badass and mow down the chaos horde in style again :metal:

Now, with that said, it would be awesome if you could have a look at the lev 15 tier of talents which have become somewhat useless with the recent nerfs.

@SolarReaper are you the one who posted that funny thread about Kerillian looking like a “teenage hobo”? :joy:

Yes …and she kinda does.

I’m more concerned about her eyes.
Her dark abyss eyes :fearful:

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Well, the art in older editions of Warhammer tabletop had wood elves often depicted with black, alien eyes like that. Some games did it too (Mark of Chaos, Total War Warhammer). I actually kinda liked it. But it has to be done right or it looks a bit ‘ratty’ :wink: The new V2 model made them look horrible but the V1 one looks pretty good.

I thought the new one was much more edgy. The V1 armor has a more stylish, fantasy feel to it.

After all that stuff characters gone thru in first game , they should look like meth addicts or something.
Sleepless, pale husks of exhaustion. Especially Kerillian which has some kind of darkness inside of her that prevents her from any normal rest. That’s why she counts every kill.

And at last, new skin looks more like waywatcher miniature, with iron bark and stuff


They dont look like that though, do they? They wear shiny plates, stylish leather coats, perfectly braided beards and outlandish hats.

Depends on what you think is hot. As you said yourself, there are plenty of folks who are into the edgy teen hobo look she’s rockin’ in V2. Me, I prefer the V1 skin. Makes her look a lot more competent, thats for sure.

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Yeh the first game she looks a lot nicer, glad to see her looking good again. Now we just need her talents to not be terrible!

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