There are no pretty female face or hair options

All these female faces and hair options are atrocious. Your options are as follows: troglodyte, drug addict, Florida and British. Perhaps a mix of all 4.
It’s like Fatshark took inspiration from Pondus when designing these women choices.
It’s evident that Fatshark hates pretty women- It was apparent too in Vermintide, when the only two female humans were wrinkly and old-looking (Olesya was just old) and Kerillian’s face is always hidden (perhaps Fatshark is incapable of designing pretty women?) behind a mask or completely behind a balaclava, even with helmets where it makes no sense to hide it.

I get it; you want to hammer in that they’re grizzled and hardened, and that the world of 40K is harsh. But that’s completely ignoring the pretty women in the Inquisition, the navy, the Adepta Sororitas, the Sisters of Silence and Gang Escher in Necromunda.
40K is harsh, but female designs shouldn’t have the prerequisite that they’re all ugly.
This is just meme-levels of bad character design where everyone who wants a pretty face will pick the least ugly face and hair, resulting in clones running around everywhere, damaging the immersion and sense of character uniqueness.

Come on Fatshark. You can do better than this.


Fatshark is a Swedish dev mate, pretty women in videogames is sexist fantasy perpetuated by the Patriarchy.


I’m really happy with the overall design of the faces. They depict rugged individuals and we all ended up in prison after all. That doesn’t mean some cannot be pretty but the character/face artists have nailed the roughness of that brutal future imho. For the roles we get. Rejects, pieces of meat thrown to die in combat because we’re cheap, expandable resources.

I definitely prefer badass Sergio Leone’s rejects vs Korean waifus. Just my opinion and tastes in that 40k context.

Ogryns look cool/best bois - they slap. 40k/10

And that’s my vet.
Sure she’s not the prettiest and she might have smacked a tank with her face. But she’s there to mean business. And that’s what her face should transpire. Go to war, smack dem heretics hard AND die trying.

So kudos to the artists and FS for not going “look at my cute belly button” way (caricaturing).


not just woman faces.

everyone faces seems weird.
men and female.
same goes for hairstyles, the second i got a helmet , i used it.


Your zealot has the one face that’s acceptably pretty, half the female characters in this game use the same, my veteran does too.

It is a problem when most faces get ignored because they are just hideous to look at.


No. There is no kudos at all. No quarter. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but these designs are just meme level bad.
They went out of their way to consciously design them like cavewomen (see: troglodyte in OP).
Yes, we play as rejects, prisoners who were on the chopping block, or worse. But that doesn’t mean they all have to be ugly as sin.

Look, I’m not asking for bimbo or beauty pageant character faces, all I’m saying is that there should be more fair faces than just the one that is less ugly than the rest.
Fatshark had a chance here to make more variation in character designs, and failed miserably.
Yes, our characters are “criminals”, but that doesn’t mean they’d have to look like they went through a grinder.


There’s no pretty male faces either, I think it’s just the grimdark style, the people look as hideous as the rest of the setting :man_shrugging:t2:


almost no one (there’s always someone lol) is asking for Waifu’s. People just want lore accurate humans to select. Yes pretty people is lore accurate. Almost the entire human race in 40K are what we would consider today to be beautiful. That’s thanks to the genetic engineering done in the age of technology to fix all the problems with the human genome. Thats not to say all humans are pretty, but it is the norm.

Of course this bit of the lore is really just a justification for all the pretty people in artwork but its still the lore.


Can you actually back that up? Source? There is not much known about age of technology, most of genetic engineering was in order to adapt various humans to cerain planet conditions, also people prefering virtual realities, eradication of deseases etc. But i cant find anything (official) about making beautiful master race… so, source pls.

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Just when the last thread about this was recently dev locked as it devolved into a waifu bandwagon, another pops up…


Last time there’s similiar thread there were a lot of people butthurt at OP just for asking, Good luck lol

On the topic though, I’m mostly fine with male option but I really can’t stand how my female Zealot look. Best I can do is hide her face with premium mask, or maybe that was the plan all along GJ Fatshark.


There are over a quintrillion humans in the Imperium. That means there is no shortage of genetic variation, meaning that the uncorrupted people looking like troglodytes should be statistically speaking, extremely rare.
Hell, the “they should look gruff, rough and tough” argument doesn’t work because space marines are fighting all the time and they’re all handsome when it comes to facial structure.


Like I said to another person in the previous locked post, take the time find which faces and hairstyle options should be adjusted. There are way too many similar. Word a decent post in gameplay feedback, present solutions and keep it alive with positive feedback as the OP. I do agree to an extent that the current options could be better but, I’ve seen some decent creations and some horrid ones too yada yada yada beauty is in the eye of the beholder…all 10 twisted beady eyes.


As for hairstyles… I do wish there were ponytail options.

I disagree, there are a few conventionally attractive faces on both men and women. Hell, even the ogryn can be strikingly handsome with the right face and facial hair.


While they are quite unconventional for Earth 2022, i find quie a few of them charismatic and attractive. As for haircuts etc - there should be only two options, cleanly shaven or very short cut. Prisoner and army regulations. No fancy beards, occasional stache at best.

I’m sure hairstyles, faces and all of the bits in between will be added to the cash store at some point.

I think she looks fine and no she doesn’t have a weird lower face either I just like the rebreather look.


I honestly thought that was a guy until I read your reply.


i love how people argue, “it’s not a Korean MMO” or “i dont want anime waifus” and “we’re rejects we lived in rugged conditions” people aren’t asking for coomer bait, they’re asking for average people faces.

it’s kinda sad how there’s 1 decent face for females and the rest is wack. And because of this almost everyone looks the same since they all pick one face that isn’t an eyesore. Not asking for coomer face, just an average one. Also, the whole “we’re rejects so we have to look rugged” what’s the point of choosing our backstory then with different planets that have different living conditions and upbringing? its 40k universe, the universe is huge, bajillion planets bajillion different folks living in different lifestyles, why do we all look like we came from a single planet?