Discussion on faces, hair and costumes for women in Darktide

To preface this, I’m fully aware this topic has been brought up before, but I feel that bringing it up again is the only way it’ll actually potentially get solved some day.

Personally, I love to customize my character in every game, I’m a woman and I tend to pick either male or female characters depending on roles. My criticism is as you might have guessed from the title is purely towards the lack of a female body rig and the female faces/hair.

The female faces are all absolutely hideous or old. For accuracy towards the 40k universe, I don’t think we need makeup options and the like, but diversity is necessary. People gravitate towards using the same exact faces and hairstyles, because there are only a few that aren’t horrible (just hideous). In an ideal world we would have face sliders akin to the Souls games, (so that we could either make pretty people or our own beautiful Frankenstein, though I suppose we can make the latter already) but I’m aware that that’d probably end up requiring far too much work. I feel that providing some more realistic faces (e.g. even just average faces) would at least allow for people to make a character they liked more that they can currently.

To add to this, the male faces in the game are fine in comparison. There are several faces (and some hairstyles) that work just fine, being either handsome, ugly, or average (admittedly beards do some work here).

To touch briefly on hairstyles, yeah, we need less meth hair. I mean realistically I can understand why long hair would be bothersome for military people, but not even a bun? Even Ogryn’s have em (One hairstyle even has two!). Currently there are 4 “female” hairstyles. which is the ponytail with the bald patch (horrible) the pixie cut (which y’know wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t on the faces we have now) and the two bowlcut ones (the one with the mostly bald head, and the full one) which are neither practical, if we’re going with the military angle, or in any shape way or form good-looking.
There should just be more options here that aren’t along the lines of “just mess my hair up”, it’s silly that there isn’t.

Lastly the body, it seems clear that the cosmetics in the game are purely built for the male body and scaled down. The shoulders are too broad (on armor it makes some aesthetic sense, considering 40k armor) but stuff like the “Prison Garb (Hope’s End Penal Colony)” (the blue tanktop on Veteran) clearly shows that the female body is just scaled down male body.

I, along with most people clamoring for customization don’t need or want a slider for boobs. But I think it’s ridiculous to just have women use the completely flat, broad-shouldered male body. I like to identify with my characters, and Darktide just doesn’t allow for that at all.

TLDR: women faces/hair bad, hate the scaled down male body, add more customization Fatshark.

To emphasize my point that pretty/average women also exist in the 40k universe, here’s some official artwork: https://imgur.com/NbEfnhz


I completely disagree.

I’ve seen several used, its just the ones who want a “pretty” face, all gravitate towards that exact same one. You know the one.

To be fair, a lot of people rolling male characters use the same one too. I’ve found no one uses the face I picked, no idea why.

Same with my female psyker, why is no one using the face I picked for her?

I can guess. And sorry, but its a you problem. I like my characters faces, even if they aren’t pretty.


It just continues the long 40k tradition of female models being terrible (until recently).


Female characters are an afterthought, and it shows. Between all the clipping issues, lack of decent hairstyles (meanwhile there’s like 7 different flavors of bald), certain outfits just straight up replacing the female mesh with a slightly scaled down male body, etc.

Nobody should be defending this - especially in a game that’s pulling out all the stops to monetize cosmetics.


There’s no way the female characters (and almost 50% of the player voice lines in the game for them) were an afterthought. It’s just that the cosmetics are done as cheaply as possible. I wish that weren’t the case, but all the clipping and goofy proportions and ugly LEGO vet boots are all good for my wallet.

Y’know what else is good for my wallet? The shop only changing every 2 weeks. Monetized to the freaking hilt, eh?


It’s how it is in the current era. For some reason having good looking female characters, or even female characters with at least feminine traits, is for some reason a big no no


Clownworld it is.


I agree with the face point but i do think OP has a point on hairstyles looking awful, and its not even “military cut, no fair in the face” cus the last like 4 hairstyles are long hair in the front, they just look bad. This is for both sexes though, men have maybe 4 good ones and if we didnt have beards they would be barely passable.


I wanna lean more into the “Punk” side of things, since we are a penal battalion.

I’m talking wacky hair colours, mohawks for non-Ogryns, cool facial piercings, fishnets under our armour, gas grenades, the works.


If it’s the young Asian one, I chose that one because my Chinese friend said that it looks like his mother, so we decided “screw it, this is funny.”


I do find the mediocre Mohawk supply rather atrocious, ESO even has a female specific Tri-hawk if i recall, and the single 1/4 inch strip of hair down the middle i would barely call a mohawk as much as a “oops forgot to shave my whole head today”


Not sure which one he is talking about but my favorite is the 2nd from the bottom on the left i think for females.

I… need… (Gasp) late 80s… gothic punk look…


To also be fair, the males only have like 3 good hairstyles as well.

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Not even punk, i just associate Mohawks with warrior classes and i want one for my zealot.

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Mohawks (and everything else I mentioned) could be applicable to males too :kissing_heart:

oh no i meant in general for both, i have a male and female zealot.

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Fr the haircuts are lacking in general. It doesn’t help that the Vanguard Bundle helmet keeps making my Ogryn look like he’s balding…

I mean, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing women off as more than just a piece of meat - y’know, as another person who can be deemed by some as conventionally “ugly”. My only complaint is the lack of diversity in things like haircuts and maybe even more in-depth body types to an extent - I’d like to look like I pump iron instead of having chicken leg arms.

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Agree. There are some passable faces, but most are just karkin’ ugly. Most female faces look like male ones. I know the game says bodytype A/B but cmon there is a difference between the sexes faces. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

On a less serious note, where’s the sliders for bewbs? Give me some jugs, man! :poop: