Discussion on faces, hair and costumes for women in Darktide

I disagree on more body types, that starts getting into hitbox issues. Honestly my main cosmetic issue with the game is just hairstyles for both genders. I think the faces are fine cus they are supposed to look messed up, you are a former combatant in whatever you did and have a whole backstory, so you are probably at least 28 or 29 and very world-weary.


I didn’t consider the hotbox issue, but I stand firm on the haircuts. I couldn’t really care less about having a “pretty face” or a damn jug-slider in a 40K game.

Honestly, i assume that’s why the male and female body types are just scaled off each other is so they don’t have to redesign hit boxes, they just scale the hitbox down.

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It’s never really bothered me besides the chicken leg arms. You’d expect someone who can swing a Heavy Eviscerator as fast as I do to at least have some tone in their muscles by default, but I digress - you can just cover them up later.


I‘m absolutely agree with OP and regret having created my psyker female because everything looks wrong.

My wife absolutely hates this as she can’t create a character she can identify with.


I feel like there has to be a middle ground between waifu faces and “just run over by a tractor” faces. If we had more of those and the hair options weren’t trash for both genders I’d have less problem with the system.


Yeah, I agree. I have 3 male characters and 1 female one. I think there was only 1 or 2 hair options I liked, only 1 face I liked, and most armour looks like its crushing the life out of her lol.


If you compare you’ll notice that many if not all female faces are just direct adaptations of the original male face, which is a major reason why they look so off


I think her saying several faces is disingenuous, there’s basically as many good faces as the females have which is like 3. I do agree that they are highly derivative of the male faces, but she said they look either handsome, ugly or average, but those are the only 3 options they can be so that applies to every face.

40k is ugly and hates fashion, you’re seeing what the canon hairstyles in the era are.

So I am not a 40k buff per se, i have tertiary knowledge of a lot of it but nothing in depth like some people, the 4th(?) from the end hairstyle, the one with only long hair in the front corner of their head, is that a legit hairstyle from something because it looks like they were deliberately trying to make terrible looking stuff so they could cash shop us good stuff later.

You’re not alone anyway…

Survey and results:

9b. What are some reasons why you might be dissatisfied with the **character creation system?

  • Lack of customizable content and freedom - 62%
  • Its difficult to create characters with the look or characteristics I want - 39%
  • The appearance of characters is not attractive enough - 33%

Ok, but only if we get a boobslider.
I want more choice!
Everyone is rocking the same damn pair of tits!
Everybody looks hideously flat!


I would broadly say that the faces are fine, but that is solely my opinion. I would not be averse to new faces and hairstyles though. Perhaps they should add a couple of ‘good looking’ male/female faces so that people who do want a handsome character can have that and be happy with them. What I would want more is for better long hair options. The following is a wishlist that I would have:

  • High & low ponytails.
  • High & low buns.
  • Single plait/braid.
  • Long and loose (neck and below neck lengths).
  • Twin braids.
  • Slicked back shoulder length.
  • Tall mohawk for those Escher Gangers amongst us.
  • Dye colours for the aforesaid gangers present.

There really is no reason I can think of to not have the most basic long haired options you could have, loose or tied back. Except we get one loose option where the front-left quarter of the head is shaven for unknown reasons, one half updo, and the fringed bob as well as the version with the rear half of the head shaved. With a million planets in the Imperium and an endless array of diversity possible, surely we should have the basic options.


Have to agree with OP. Female body rig, faces, hair, and everything in between is horrific to look at. Sure, it has minimal impact on gameplay since its an FPS, but it would be nice with more variety in the customization department.

It’s a Swedish company so I highly doubt they’ll produce any female customization options that does not resemble a troll. It’s also Fatshark, so even if they wanted to it will take atleast a decade to implement lol.


Coming next patch: Troll Skin for Ogryn, makes them look like the Trolls from Warhammer Fantasy.
Sadly, i think i would find that fun but also it would cost like 15$

I will never ever understand people wanting to deny other people freedom to make their virtual avatars look like they want.

You want to make your female/male character ugly? Ok, whatever man, it’s your character. If you feel like that’s best choice for you to get into character, roleplay it or just engage with it - it’s your choice man.

You want to make your female/male character pretty? Sure, whatever man, it’s your character. If that will make you enjoy your gameplay more - who cares.

Literally anyone who wants to deny the other person a freedom of that choice becasue his choice would be different is idiot and entitled, egoistic buffon.

I was telling that back in beta- give people pretty head options. It will not affect anyone else but person choosing it, and who cares about that? And “lore” reason is also just straight up like and out of arse, since there are trillions of humans in Imperium and DNA is still a thing so there are ugly people, average people and stunning attractive people since it’s just DNA lottery. There are also tons of official arts with attractive females and handsome males in 40k and I even once was posting them here to show it. Hell, just look at other 40k games, like Inquisitor Martyr and female models there, new Rogue Trader and character customization/arts there, some supporting characters like female inquisitior from Chaos Gate, female Sister of Battle from new TV series Phariah Nexus, female Guard officer from Space Marine and many others in offical WH40K media.

Only people with personal complexes and lack of attention would complain about game having pretty/handsome character options, especially if they are NOT FORCED to use them.


Thats very reasonable, and I agree with you.

LOL. @Benny89 Flip it around my dude. I’ve never cared about the level of attractiveness in a character. I made a character with the tools at hand and assume thats how it is on this prison ship. Jeez, look if enough of you lot complain, eventually they’ll crumble and add two or three more pretty faces. But Jesus, Joeseph and Mary! Its a frickin game in the 40k universe about fighting a Nurgle infection and you’re worried about what?


Exactly, it’s fictional world in a video game so if people want to have pretty face options, I don’t see a problem. And I am not worry about that, I just say that if people want it then whatever - add that to game. Who cares if player avatar is ugly or pretty. Just give people options to choose from. I just don’t buy arguments against it, becasue it has ZERO impact on gameplay.


The male faces are just as ugly, but as mentioned the facial hair does help fix it.

I think the solution is to give females facial hair.