Femme Ogryns and other cosmetic options

Me and my partner were talking about Ogryns. She was very disappointed she couldn’t make a femminine Ogryn, she wants to play a tall, ridiculously buff lady. She’s managed to make something she is kind of happy with with the current face and hair options for her femme Ogryn, it would be nice to have a wider range of faces and hairstyles to choose from.
Ogryns also have similar and repeating voice types, it would be nice to have a deep, feminine variant. Every other class gets six different voice types, Ogryn only get three. It would help reduce repetition from characters talking in matches.
While additional body types would be nice, if there’s little sexual dimorphism between Ogryn, having some femme faces and hairstyles would be perfectly adequate. Plenty of men look feminine in real life as well, and could stand to benefit. Maybe instead of locking faces and voices to body types, you make heads and faces swappable? That way you can have whatever face/body combination you like. Neck seams might be a problem, but you could have a mesh around the neck with a blended texture, like a decal? Cyberpunk 2077 managed it just fine

Personally, I would also like it if I could put facial hair on some of my female characters. Women with beards are awesome, I’m serious. No sarcasm. There are plenty of real women with beards. Where’s the bearded lady love? Warhammer has fish people, khajit, goat people, votann, purple skinned nobility living in an underwater city and whatever causes black eyes we got in game… but no bearded ladies?

I would also love cybernetics to be an option to either be unlocked or just extra features for the barber shop. Clipping isn’t always a problem either, it can lead to interesting customization when given enough freedom. This is just the wishlist me and my partner came up with, i’d be interested to hear what other people want for customizing their characters.
While i’m sure Fatshark have more urgent things to add to the game, they probably won’t change anything about Ogryns unless they know there’s a target audience for it. With how pretty the game looks, I’m sure their very skilled art team could do something wonderful with it.

Disclaimer: This is about cosmetic options for players, keep on topic please.

Yes fem ogryns exist in lore. [source: ghazghkull thraka prophet of the waaagh]
We are asking for nothing that does not already exist in the lore.

We’d just like players to have more fun options for character creation.


I mean is there anything in the lore about female Ogryn fighting in the astra militarum etc. ? I didn’t read anything about female Ogryn at all … But if there is lore about fighting female Ogryn, I see no point not to give people the possibility to play as one! At least I can imagine how amusing the conversations between two ogryn of opposite sexes must be :laughing:

But in the end Darktide should be based on the lore as close as possible… No need for a additional “female space marine” front here



Did she learn to read from reading the Ordo Biologos? But that’s not enough, she also learned to write in the same fashion of Calligraphy.

Give this author a job at Disney.

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GW never showed us what they looked like (Official art or mini) so I don’t think FS will be the one that introduce them.

And it would be a lot of work (3 new VA) that would be needed to have it. Better to leave it as it, and if we really want to balance it out, have a woman only archetype, like one that is inspired the Sister of Battle, working on different mechanic than the Zealot (As they could be a tad too close to each other)




I thought Games Workshop was super quiet about Female Ogryn. Last time we had this discussion here, consensus was “they’re not in the tabletop and a big mystery”.

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Yeah the big mystery part about female Ogryns matchs with my previous perception… The shared lexicaum link from Harridas mentions an female Ogryn psyker who serves an Inquisitor… At least a mention of a female Ogryn fighting for the Emprah :grinning:

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The OP simply made a wishful thinking post wanting for Ogryn women to be added and multiple people on this page, yourself included, just really can’t tolerate the idea of women being included in 40k’s fictional world. It’s such a knee jerk reaction to immediately rant about inclusivity, “respect to lore or cannon” and act like you’re gonna get persecuted despite nobody pushing back to your post here besides myself. Thinking that “lore” is “factual” and cannot or should not change is an incredibly closeminded way of approaching fiction to the point that it’s a waste of time trying to argue about.

This post had reminded of why I genuinely despise Warhammer and 40K in particular because it attracts regularly thinly veiled bigots (and fascists) and does very little to push them out.


Well, that escalated very quickly… I can only speak for myself and for me it’s not an matter of inclusivity but an matter of lore/cannon constancy! If there are an actual (and fitting into the grim dark) background for female Ogryns fighting for the emperor, then why not, let it happen! But changes or additions to the lore should be “sanctioned”, if u know what I mean! I think most of us playing darktide for what it is… An lore accurate setting (at least close as possible) of the beloved grim dark future.


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while that true, it’s far from the impossible as fatshark do have creative liberties to tweak designs and create wholly independant models, including the specials of vermintide and darktide.

While usually based on some pre-existing lore, they have room to make things happen that dont appear on tabletop.

Like ratling gunners, trappers, chargers, DT berzerkers, some of the weapons and fancy unifroms you wouldn’t normally be able to kitbash.

The upside of the VA thing is they at least have them written out.

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The problem is that inclusivity, or representation, or however you wanna call it, does not care for respecting a pre-established lore.


the problem is your making a mountian out of a ant hill, and throwing the topic way off course.

it’s about chracter options for fun, not some boogyman.

now if you kindly calm down and check i’ve provided source for the lore for you and others.

now please cease the hostilities, if you disagree that’s fine but you’ve gone about starting this post off on an ugly foot


my guy u responded with a political loaded anser simply based on a few assumption’s about OP, what did you expect?

don’t want to front your or anything but im strongly against this, Fatshark made it very clear what we are, criminals, picked up from the streets, 40k isn’t kind to its subjects and oddities get avoided, and Living a criminal live without support of others… you’d end up dead.
( u know 10k years of indoctrination to fear anything different)

playing one of these people can make sense in an RPG because its not a problem when your the one in a billion, but giving players the tool to make such characters would result in a much lager representation than is believable in the setting.

thats true, though humanity has remained mostly the same many humans come from differing colonies, feral worlds, void farers, fuedal, death.

And not to mention all toxic rubbish we’re exposed too on hive worlds. My point was miner mutations to the norm today aren’t really outside the norm in the far future.

I agree it’s rare to find stable offshoots as wild as beastmen. But the strain of mutation and how harshly it’s enforced veries from planet to planet. And thats assuming they even use the Godolkin index to begin with.

Also if you saw the country side of my little “agri-world” here you’d find a fuzzy face or two is more common than you think, my aunt included.

i thought they were prevented from combat roles aside from Prison Units? So having them in the Guard would be no, but in an inquisitors rejects unit there’s already precedent in the lore.

@PyramidHACK if you are going to appeal to fiction to justify your hate-boner, make sure you have the info right. Female Ogryns are not a protected class in The Imperium, they still go in Prison Regiments.

those people are xenos or mutants and must be purged; you may find them in the gaols of the Inquisition, but not for recruiting purposes…