Let us use hats along with the classic skin

Since the Vermintide team is getting bigger next year, will it be possible that someone on the team have the time to make it happen. I’m talking about Classic V1 skins being able to have different hats. Its only 5 careers, but imo it would add to the customization options greatly.


That would defeat the purpose of having the V1 skins…

Also, FS has mentioned that the reason why we can’t change hats with those skins is because they were ported directly from V1 as one entity.

They cannot be “separated.”

You say it as if its completely impossible. I don’t know how hard it is to actually port stuff from the first game to the second, but they do it again but separately this time. Again this all comes down to having some time to do it since the team is getting bigger.

Well if it’s so easy then you can do it, right?

Side note: it might be closer to impossible as the 2nd game runs on a modified version of Stingray. It took them a long time to port the Ubersriek maps from V1 to V2 because of that.

Which is most likely the reason they decided to recreate Castle Drachenfels.

Not impossible but not something done as easily as one would think, the models in V2 are very weird.

I actually want to wear my v1 skin on all 3 careers. v1 skin looks cooler to me. would be nice to play as a BH or zealot with that all black, leg clipping v1 victor skin.

Plz let us do it! (also plz give rapier pistol appropriate skins like in v1)

PS: I also like the v1 weapon skins and think the v2 red weapon with the neon glow is ugly and refuse to use any of those glowing skins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame on you OP for suggesting something like that. Fully implementing the skins from VT1 to VT2 is nigh on impossible task, it’s out of reach for current day and age game developers. Maybe somewhere in the next century, the developers might be able to achieve this, but not now. Now we’re limited to just brand new skins coming for 4th career of each hero.