V1 skins and V2 hats

Can we please get the V2 hats on V1 skins?
That would be really awsome FS, thank you. :smiley:

there us million threads requesting stuff from v1 to be in v2

Yes, i am aware.
But thatโ€™s not what i am asking for.
Im asking for the usage of V2 hats on the imported V1 skins.

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You mean the usage of imported V1 hats on imported V1 skins?
You are being very unreasonable.

Iโ€™m kinda repeating me here, but i guess iโ€™ll do it again.
I want to use the hats i gained in V2 on the V1 skins i got through the possession of V1. In V2.
This is a forum about V2, you know.

Id just like to use the V1 skins on more than one class. Havent touched WS since I found HM so the skin is just wasted.

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