WHC headgear bugged

Tried changing headgear on witch hunter captain, game wouldn’t show it off, restarted and checked other classes who were all fine but not WHC.

Any chance you were using the V1 cosmetic at the time? Because that specific cosmetic comes as a full package and changing hats with it equipped won’t change anything. That’s true of all characters and specific to the V1 skins.

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Not sure what you mean with V1 (vermintide 1?) , but I got the regular outfit for WHC on, armor I can change but not the headpiece, any other character that has their common cosmetics can be changed.

Can you please provide some screenshots (just to make it easier to visualize your specific case)

I mean the legacy skin you get for owning Vermintide 1.

As mentioned above, if you have one of the legacy Hero Skins equipped, you will not see a change when switching your hat. We can check this with a screenshot of your hero if you’re unsure.

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