WHC "Comet Capotain" Hat -- Where Is It From?

I’ve seen this hat a few times in recent weeks. Once it appeared on a player who was not aware that he had it, then he said it disappeared after he changed hats. When I asked another player where he got the hat, he told me he believed he got it as part of the Collector’s Edition, and that it appeared automatically when equipping the basic clothes. I have the CE and do not have that hat. It does not appear on my WHC after I equip the basic clothes.

This all occurred on PC Official Realm.

So where is this hat really from? Commendation Chests? Bogenhafen DLC chests?

I’ve never seen it before…

I’ve been asking for an official list of hats for months now xD I’m pretty sure I have every single elf hat, commendation and 100 clear, and 2/3 DLC bög hats if it’s 1 hat per class. As when I opened commendation chests on my elf now, I’ve got Sienna, Kruber and Bardin hats.

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I found the picture on this guide:

Unfortunately, it does not say where the hats are from.

All the hats were unlocked in the modded relm. Which is why some people got a little upset. They’ve had hats in the game since launch day 1. But haven’t unlocked hardly any of them. Guessing they’re for new updates, according to what others are saying.

I wonder if the Comet Capotain appearing in the Official Realm is a bug. That would be a weird one.

Currently, there are 1 defaults hat, 3 hats from commendation, 1 hat from 100 win, 1 hat from dlc free hats and 1 hat from dlc chest
So, there are 7 hats for each career
i have all whc hats and comet hat is currently not in our game yet just exist in data mining

also, i saw shade with hat like The Three Musketeers + Eye sealed when all hats mod can be used on normal realm. i tried to find it later in modded realm but i couldn’t find it even with mod…

For WHC, I have:

  • Dread Deliverance - Default Hat
  • Templar’s Watchtower - Comm Chest (blue rarity)
  • Scribe’s Watchtower - Comm Chest (orange rarity)
  • Warrant-Keeper’s Watchtower - 100 win hat
  • Candlewick Watchtower - DLC free hat

That means the Comet Capotain is either the third Comm Chest hat, or the DLC Chest hat for WHC. Does anyone have a WHC hat that I haven’t listed?

I searched “capotain” on this forum–zero results. I searched "on the reddit forum–all of the results are in reference to the hat’s appearance in Vermintide 1. I searched the Steam forum–there is one result referencing the hat’s existence in the modded realm.


I’m unsure of the standalone hat, but that’s the same hat you get equipped when you use the VT1 Skin for WHC

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Then it must be part of the package for also owning VT1. That would make the most sense given the strange responses I got. Are there any other hats you get for owning VT1?

I’m pretty sure it’s just one skin for every “vanilla” career per character (the continuation of their VT1 counterpart), e.g Mercenary, Ranger Veteran, Waystalker, Witch Hunter Captain and Battle Wizard.

It’s not a hat though, it’s an entire skin which changes the base model and the hat all the same, and you cannot equip other hats to go with the skin. So the hat in it’s own right I have never seen without the accompanying WHC VT1 skin.

EDIT: And the Waystalker skin is IMO the only way to make that career look any good, really dislike the artistic style they went with her for the sequel.


It’s gotta be a bug surely. Thats the VT1 hat. Also I only just found out Salty lost an eyebrow as well as an eye XD

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WTF! There’s a lot more of head gear than I thought there is… And most of 'em I haven’t had ever seen in the game.

default hat - Dread Deliverance

Commendation Hat - Skullcrest Watchtower
- Templar’s Watchtower
- Scribe’s Watchtower

100 Win Hat - Warrant Keeper’s Watchtower

Bogenhafen Free Hat - Candlewick Watchtower

Bogenhafen Box Hat - Battered Watchtower

Champions of ubersreik costume has a hat what you say

and if bogenhafen box can drop 2 hat per career, then there will be comet hats but

as i know, there is only 1 for each career from dlc box

EDIT. It seems you took comet hat screenshot from all hats mod
from this, i think you see comet hat with VT 1 skin, am i right?

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