Are all these Hats Mods?

or are they in the game ?

This Mask bruh cool asf

Nearly all of them I believe. Some of them are the hats from owning the first game tho. There’s 1 or 2 for each character that I don’t know about. But yea, nearly every hat there is in game. I have all the current hats for elf classes,

I think this is correct, I can log on in a bit to check.

  1. 3 hats for each job from commendation chests.
  2. 1 hat for each job for 100 clears on Champ or above.
  3. 1 hat for each job just from leveling up
  4. 1 hat for each starting job from the first game if you own it.
  5. 1 hat for each job from the Bög dlc boxes.
  6. And ofc the starting hat for each class.
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Yes there are locked hats in the game files (since launch) some are new creations but many are just from V1. They will be released at some point as every hat currently in the game was locked right there before.

igght nice

Isn’t that a skin if you own the first game ? I have the VT1 skin for all my first careers. Tho as they also change your hat, I guess they’re hat too x) (I’m still mad about that btw, I want this shiny Krub armor with new hats :frowning: )

don’t know never player V1

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