Hai i love your game so far. I was just wondering if you guys will put in more detail to customization when it comes to the characters like you can change colors on your clothes or you get a new helmet by getting the highest chest drop from all the collectibles on the map.

That’s all im wondering. keep on the good work on the game! and sorry for my miss Spelling.

You can unlock a different colour outfit by completing all the maps on Champion(Red outfit) and Legend(Black outfit) with each character. Hats drop from commendation chests, although they are pretty rare. And there’s only 3 hats out currently per class which you can get form the commendation chest, so 9 for each character. Plus the Bög DLC hat, lvl up hats and the 100 QP clear hat.

That makes far too much sense for Fatshark to implement. They’d rather change an RGB value on a glow and call it new content for the next paid DLC.

Honestly, now with the new red crafting system the purples make way more sense because crafted reds don’t glow. At least now I can make my crafted red item look cool, whereas if it didn’t exist it would look plain.

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