[Suggestion] Colour schemes

I like the skin unlocks for completing all missions in champion and legend, but I think it’d be nice if character customization were in two parts : armor and colour.

That means that one could select any armor and any colour one has unlocked on that class - including the Vermintide 1 skins ; and the same for the headpiece : one choses which helmet and which colour.


This is… not the first topic made about this…

Pretty much everybody agrees with this idea, by the way, but it seems to be hard to implement for FS because of the way things are programmed right now. That’s basically the conclusion every time this thing is discussed.

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We’re exploring this right now and have a prototype ‘colour changer for items’ in development. No promises, etc etc but it’s pretty neat. Hopefully we can evolve it from prototype to feature. :slight_smile:


Good to hear Hedge, I know that most people are actually holding out for hats to match the outfits as most don’t at all.


That is good to know :smiley:

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Oh wow, that’s great to hear.

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