Hat Re-Colours

I love the visual design of VT2 but the one thing that bugs me is hat colours tend to clash with skin colours other than the default one, especially on careers like Ironbreaker, Handmaiden and Foot Knight. Has the team ever considered adding a colour picker for hats? For example, being able to just swap the plain steel colour on Ironbreaker’s hats with green, red, blue and black, leaving the gold decoration. Perhaps unlocking/buying a skin unlocks that colour choice for hats. It’s just a little bit of customization that would help round out the already good selection.


Yeah, they have.

But that’s from March 2020, so who knows when/if it will actually happen.


Yup. Everyone wants it. Been requested since before the times of Sigmar.


I recommend this topic:


Mye probably seen like 100 different topics regarding to this and even the devs have said something about prototyping and wanting to implement the feature.

It goes pretty much to the same category as dedicated servers, it probably will not happen.


Genuinely had no idea there’d been so many requests before. I suppose the fact they had a prototype going means it wasn’t just an idea being thrown around, so here’s hoping. Now that Chaos Wastes and Sister are ported to console, hopefully they have some time to look at other things.

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