Link headgear colour to body skin colour

It’s pretty obvious, and I guess it might have been discussed already (I’m new to the forum and I couldn’t find any relevant topic), but wouldn’t it be great if the equipped headgear could change its colour to match the skin you have on?

I mean, it’s nice to drop a purple skin for my RV, but I’m never gonna equip it if the hood stays gree, right?
I realize that would mean a lot of work for something that isn’t a big deall, but that would revalorize some of the less interesting skins.


Yes it would.
Like many things (keep for example) it seems like they had way bigger plans but then just shipped it.

My personal opinion where they could take this from this point:

I’m not very optimistic about any of this FS just has way too many bugs to fix and systems to overhaul to ever have time for anything else.

But I was asked to “hold their beer” so I’m waiting to see what they try to pull off next.

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What were they thinking when adding red plate armor for Kruber, like if they just don’t care about what they will add to game and want just fill that hole where we should see content.

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this should be in-game since released. but dev are just lazy enough to create low-effort copy-paste shiny illusions and even sell them by swap the color to the purple. denied stats view mod due to dev are working on that but even after a year of been released its not. lack of effort and communications. although people made a lots of arguments about current state of a game dev decide to ignore / banned those who against to keep their marketing success and hide the truth beyond the veil. truly those such brilliant ideas always ignored.
as a fan of a game ive no idea what theyre doing. of course therere blind fan bois whom always defend the game itself without thinking. so dear my sweetheart dont ever try to communicate, suggestions will get denied no matter what, will have to face toxics and dev will strike a ban you if fight back. stay quite as usual.

What? I’ve never seen anyone get banned from this forum except 1 guy who got a 1 week temp ban to calm down. He was spamming every thread with nonsense. They seem to be extremely lenient with the user’s of this forum. I mean, we’ve had people on here trolling nearly every day for weeks, even faking cąncer and other despicable acts while constantly agitating the rest of the community.

As for them not listening, during the BBB patch, they nearly copy pasted exactly what we suggested to make WHC viable. They also performed nerfs on Pyro beam just as the many dozens of “Pyro OP” threads suggested.

They don’t seem to be too keen on advirtising any upcoming content anymore. Most likely due to the huge backlash after launch. Which could be a good thing, look at how they handled the recent DLC. Few teases here and there, nothing really major until the exact time the DLC unlocked on steam. And it worked in my opinion, everyone I’ve spoken to has been really happy with the last DLC.

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This is a problem thats been bothering the community for awhile, personally I think it would be really cool to add in a paint bucket for example, allow you to recolor your own helmets, like sure having a black bulcher’s helm on FK with black armor would be cool… but what about a white helmet with black armor? waggles brow

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