Headgear should match heroskin


we have a total of 4 (5 for the base hero) skins on our hero´s (the 6´s one for the v1 skins only counts for the base class and it comes with a headpiece build in so it doesnt matter)

those 4 skins, sometimes match the color of a hat, but in alot of cases they dont

waywatcher might be the best example of how hats really dont fit the hero gear

her basic hood : stalkers hood for example does not change color depened on what hero set she wears
her 100 games hat (which also looks terrible by the way … really devs for 100 games reward you could have come up with something nicer) doesnt change
so for her i have 2 ways of dealing with it both ways are suboptimal and limit myself in customising my hero

i can wear the one hat (she has 2 of those) that match the diffrent set the best expect the helmgard sentinal one which doesnt fit to anything) or i can just wear what i click on and look even more terrible

i could list all of the hero´s options that have bad or terrible matching item ( i will should it be requested :stuck_out_tongue: )

but i think i made my point for now, if we consider how rare the headpiece drops are from chests we shouldnt also be limited by gear that doesnt match colors

regards towly

suggestions are highly welcome, however should you just feel to state that nobody cares about how your hero looks : GO AWAY CAVETROLL

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tbh i was to lazy to search for existing topics, and the more attention this gets the better :wink:

still thanks for the linking of this topic
(just realized its locked anyway so it was time for a bump of this anyway )

Na this was more a reply to post my opinion besides that topic is closed so opening new ones is necessary.

This has been asked for a lot since day one lol

The only reason i jump in and play from time to time is for the dlc chests, in the slim chance that i get a cosmetic that i like. So far i’ve only seen reskins and lazy meshups of already existing hats. Gotta say that I’ve given up on getting cool and interesting cosmetics a long time a go.

I guess it’ll be: black hats DLC, red hats DLC, blue hats DLC, each for only 5$ - low effort recolor with the shade being all wrong guaranteed (like current dwarf’s black-grey helmet not really matching the proper blackness of the armor).

I think at least the basic and the 100 mission hats should change color based on the skin. In some cases it’s not needed, so it’s not a huge amount of work

On some Careers, possibly most but not by any means all, it has seemed to me that for each of the difficulty armors, there is one headgear designed to go with it color-wise. On some, that isn’t that significant (WHC’s colors don’t clash that badly), but on others (WS, for example), it’s quite blatant. Unfortunately, even those headgears aren’t acquired in a sensible way, and other Careers (FK comes to mind) will find huge clashes in their gear coloring if they use any but the default armor.

So in addition to being very annoying to some, and only somewhat distracting to others, it’s inconsistent.

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Biggest problem in regards to hat colours is IB because almost all of his hats are black and they only match with the black armour. FK is another problem class because all of his helmets are plain metal and only the default armour matches.

Ideally there should be a checkbox somewhere that reskins the hat to match the currently equipped armour so you can have it either way depending on which look you want.

oh… This again?

“If Karl Franz didn’t have so many fancy hats, we could all have a fancy shiny sword.”

I’d rather have new, cooler weapon skins.

Given the track history of the way new items are added to the game, I expect there to be some DLC hat reskins earned through achievements in game, like the DLC weapons get new skins the more you complete with them. Being able to get a black HS hood to match the legend skin by hitting 1000 headshots would be nice.

Oh, and purely because you mentioned it, No-one really cares how your hero looks if you grab a grim and get downed minutes later then quit…

I honestly wouldn’t want it as new cosmetics. Just create simple texture recolors, and have them swap automatically based on what hero skin you have. Done. Takes very little dev time and also solve this issue.
I actually made an account today wanting to post this suggestion but it seems people already want it.

But it’s not “this or this”. New weapon skin, actually weapon model, is much more difficult to make than simple recolor of existing headgear. The problem is - FS is too lazy to do anything about it.


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